You Made the Difference!

A huge thanks to all my friends for their content, ideas, and support. Your input and encouragement made this new project possible!

Thanks to:

  • My wonderful and beloved husband Markus for his dedication, expertise, and his belief in my success.
  • Special thanks to my wonderful partner and friend in Australia Rik de Boer. An outstanding expert in Drupal and master of mapping solutions. Supported by an exceptional expert on UX design Paul Jordaan in SA. Both are the founders of wemapshare. Without their outstanding support, I could not restart my project. 
  • Ray Downs, a professional photographer in the US for his outstanding support especially at the beginning of my restart. I can't thank you enough.
  • Leif, a former colleague of Markus who became a friend, for his stunning diving pictures and adventures places around the globe.
  • Milan, for his immense knowledge about Scotland, his amazing hikes, and the same passion for climbing the mountains.
  • Marc and Andrea for their encouragement and pictures from all over the world. You are wonderful!
  • Chris; a friend and an outstanding photographer.
  • Melissa, for her deep friendship and support. 
  • Lianne who has the same passion for travelling as I, thanks for your unique places around the world.
  • Rodrigo, our beloved nephew, took a lot of pictures from NZ for me. 
  • And last but not least my awesome brother René, always there when needed!