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You Made the Difference!

A huge thanks to all my friends for their support and content. Your input and encouragement made this new project possible!

Thanks to:


The waterfall of Jubilee Creek
Markus at the end of the Jubilee Creek trail in South Africa.

My wonderful and beloved husband, Markus, for his dedication, expertise, belief in my success, and for being my IT guy.


Three adults having dinner in a restaurant with view to the sea
We together with our friend Rik in Hervey Bay September 2023.

Special thanks to my excellent partner and friend in Australia, Rik de Boer. An outstanding expert in Drupal and master of mapping solutions


Four people at the Jubilee Picnic Area
Our wonderful friends from Sedgefield in August 2023

Supported by an exceptional expert on UX design Paul Jordaan in SA. Both are the founders of wemapshare. Without their outstanding support, I could not restart my idea and project. 


A couple of people at the Sedona airport viewpoint
We met Ray and Liz in Sedona in June 2022.

Ray Downs, a professional photographer in the US, for his outstanding support, especially at my restart. I can't thank you enough. He encouraged us to try the Wave again, and we won the specific permit.


A visitor in front of Eltz Castle at sunset.
My brother and the famous Eltz Castle in Germany.

My fantastic brother René is always there when needed! I can count on him and I can't wish for better.


The city center of Prague
Milan, Idefix and I in Prague.

Milan, for his immense knowledge about Scotland, his amazing hikes, and the same passion for climbing the mountains.

Marc and Andrea

Two couples in the mountains.
Our friends which we met in Switzerland.

Marc and Andrea for their encouragement and pictures from all over the world. You are wonderful!


A family in Chola Cactus Garden.
Chris and his family in Joshua Tree.

Chris; the husband of my best friend Yvi and an outstanding photographer who gave me lessons in photographing and image editing.

  • Leif, a former colleague of Markus, became a friend for his stunning diving pictures and adventurous places around the globe.
  • Melissa, for her deep friendship and support. 
  • Lianne, who has the same passion for travelling as I do, thanks for your unique places worldwide.
  • Jenni, from Strandfamilie in English "beach family". They were pretty brave, sold their house, signed off school for the boys, and started their world trip more than two years ago. I think they couldn't find a better time for the boys during Covid19.
  • Rodrigo, our beloved nephew, frequently joins us.

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