About Me

I was born with wanderlust running through my veins. 

My mother loved Italy and Spain. We travelled there often in summer. My father was a passionate hiker who climbed the European Alps, like the Breithorn in Switzerland. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that my husband and I recently moved to be closer to the Alps. Our mantra is; a peak a week!

On the top of a summit with view to Zugspitze
My nickname is Micha. I love the mountains and the sea.

My second home country is my beloved Portugal, where most of my relatives live. We annually visit them in the Lisbon area. It’s the reason I added lots of places from this truly beautiful country.

Ursa Beach Hike close to Lisbon
My favourite Hike to Ursa Beach

I am a curious woman. I always wanted to explore the world. I don’t need luxury. A simple tent in the rain forest and I am happy. Being one with nature and enjoying good food is all I need. My camera is always joining me to capture magical moments. My other passion is music - I can't live without it.

Gas BBQ in the New England N.P. campground area
We are foodies cooking elsewhere; New England Rainforest in Aussie

When I met my wonderful husband, Markus, I infected him with my travel bug. Our travel highlight was in 2018. We took eight months off to explore the furthest destinations. One of the most fascinating places for me is the Galapagos Islands and Taiwan. In Fiji, we fell in love with free-diving.

Snorkelling at the Galapagos Islands with green sea turtle
A green sea turtle in front of me at the Galapagos Islands

My other passion is photography. I’m always looking for that perfect picture. My poor husband may have to wait for hours or come back later until I got my shot!

Before the internet, it was almost impossible to figure out the best time 2 travel to specific places. To get an idea about destinations and best times, you had to rely on paperback travel guides and word-of-mouth recommendations.  To learn about unknown destinations and travel gems, we often shared experiences and pictures with friends.

Haiku Stairs the illegal part with awesome view to Oahu
Haiku Stairs in Hawaii is still one of the most thrilling hikes we ever did

Although we travelled a lot to the US and tried to hike The Wave several times, we never won the lottery. But when we told our friend Chris, a passionate photographer, about this stunning natural wonder, guess what happened? They won on their first try!

A manatee underwater in one of the Florida Springs
Getting hugged and kissed by a manatee is one of my most memorable experiences ever.

Nowadays, the problem is not so much finding hidden gems, but how to avoid the crowds. And perfect timing remains essential for marvellous shots. What once was a project to share spectacular spots with friends has now become my passion.

The bt2t Team at Brighton Beach Boxes in Melbourne
Markus, and to the right is our outstanding developing partner and friend Rik at the Brighton Beach Boxes.

I never planned to become an author of a global travel website. I studied economics and worked in business administration for many years. Support me to grow and share my magnificent places around the world by carrying the logo.

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After one million visitors annually with my trademark "When to be Where", I decided to kick off a fresh and more user-centric approach. The logo idea developed by Tom Reuter (UP) represented a luggage tag and was a perfect giveaway and great memory for my fellow travellers and friends.

My former When to be Where Logo which is now best time 2 travel
My former website "When to be Where".

The idea to share the best time to visit was the main theme of "When to be Where", which is now my slogan for besttime2travel.com.

I started the initial project in 2014, and it turned out to be well received by travellers around the world. I am still in close contact with lots of them, and we share new travel ideas. These companions provide me with pictures and ideas, and you find these too on this site. 

My husband and me on the Moanalua Valley Hike
Who we are? An adventurous couple loving to travel the world - Here Moanalua Valley Oahu

So all content comes from my personal experiences and those of my friends. Some of the pictures are by Jens, a passionate photographer.

My friends at Etretat
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We met two years ago at Castle Neuschwanstein in the evening. We figured out we have the same passion, and the four of us had a great time. Since that day, we are in close contact.

Do you have any questions? Need any advice? Write me an e-mail: micha at besttime2travel.com

"When to be Where" is a trademark of Micha Herber-Bleich. All rights reserved. "When to be Where" was my idea. "Best Time 2 Travel" is also a brand by Micha Herber-Bleich.