Brighton Beach Boxes Close to Melbourne - Updates Building Work | Weather | Crowds | Parking
Brighton Beach Boxes Close to Melbourne - Updates Building Work

Brighton Beach Boxes Close to Melbourne - Updates Building Work


When Is the Best Time

Brighton's beach or bathing boxes are truly an iconic place and a Must if visiting Melbourne. It is a great place to hang out with the family, walk your dog, go swimming in the summer, or simply enjoy the view of the Melbourne skyline. The 82 Brighton Beach Boxes are no longer a hidden gem but instead an Instagram spot nowadays.

The vibrant Brighton Beach and the Boxes in summer.
Brighton Beach Boxes looking South towards Green Point (where the new official car park is).

The beach and the picturesque bathing boxes are frequently busy, but you can still enjoy the tranquillity of this incredible beach at specific times.

All beach huts are colourful

Do you plan to visit Brighton Beach Boxes? Check out the location of the official car park, restrooms (Google Maps Location) and entrance. The Dendy Street Beach Life Saving Pavilion was newly built in 2023 as well as the parking, the public toilets and a cafe. It will be a beautiful futuristic building that integrates well into the surroundings and cost roughly $ 13 million. It is not entirely finished yet; however, life savers continue their work for the public! The complete construction, including the pavilion, has been delayed because two construction companies involved had to be replaced.

The fenced entrance and Brighton Beach
This entrance is fenced, but the beach and boxes are still accessible - Second photo 

Where else to park can be found in the parking topic. My friend Rik lives around the corner and provides all information and pictures first-hand continuously also, for upcoming future works to protect Brighton and the iconic Beach Boxes from erosion and heavy wind events planned for 2025. More information below, or use my Table of Contents and jump to the topic immediately.

The 82 Bathing Boxes from the distance.
Most of the beach huts are in a row at Middle Brighton Beach.

The best time for your visit is the low season, from April/May to October and in the peak season, from November to March, in the morning or late afternoon to evening during the week to avoid the crowds. If you simply want to take a bath here and enjoy the atmosphere, come during the day, but keep in mind it is a bit challenging to find parking.

Brighton Bathing Boxes with a huge group in the back
Wedding pictures are taken at "Middle Brighton Beach".

During the day, it’s busy with visitors from all over the world especially from Asia, but it’s a relaxed and stunning place in the evening. This tourist spot is crowded on weekends with locals and tourists alike.

The golden hour at Brighton Beach
The "Golden Hour" is mesmerizing, and the beach is quieter.

Brighton Beach is a famous stop for tour buses during the day. I highly recommend a visit in the morning or, even better, in the late afternoon or evening. Enjoy the golden hour for your perfect shots.

A man is walking from Beach Box to Beach Box
Our nephew was stoked by these wonderfully painted beach huts.

The Beach Huts make a colourful scene at sunset. It’s a magical atmosphere here when most visitors have left the beach already. Are you travelling by car? Then, watch the sunset at the famous beach huts on Brighton Beach.

During summer, the beach is patrolled by lifeguards. It’s a fabulous beach for swimming. The view of Melbourne's skyline is another excellent reason to come here. The area here is prohibited for boats, so it is a lot safer for swimming. Don't miss out on the annual swim even in the summer; more below.

Visitors taking a bath at Brighton Beach
New photos from January

The clear sea is clean, and I recommend a shorty for swimming. The summer sea temps are around 20°C, and in the winter, from June to August, a lot colder ranging from 10-12°C. Watch the weather forecast for a smashing time at Brighton Beach. 

How to Get to Brighton Beach

Flinders Street Railway Station
Flinders Railway Station in Melbourne
  • Take the Sandringham Line from Flinders Station, which takes roughly 20 minutes. From the station, it’s just a 500 m walk to the colourful beach boxes. 
  • It is an eight km drive by car south of the St. Kilda Penguins, and there is plenty of parking. Google Maps Route St. Kilda to Brighton Beach Boxes

Parking Brighton Beach Boxes

Brighton Beach Ticket Machine
Pay your parking fee by phone - area code 10003

There are roughly just 30 slots for parking, which makes it hard to find a space during the day in summer. Don’t even think about shoulder parking. Fines are exorbitant high in Melbourne and all of Australia. I know it well we once got a high fine in the city centre. If you can find a parking lot, get your ticket from the ticket machine and display it on your dash. 

  • Parking fee for one hour: $6 and for the entire day: $18 until 8 pm. However, entry to the beach is free. 
  • Public toilets are at the parking and the end of the beach huts. However, think twice if you want to use them.

Update Parking

Visitors at Brighton Beach at the huts, at the sea and walking
Brighton Beach Boxes from Dendy Street entrance, looking North, towards Melbourne.

These are the two recommended parking areas, which are a 15-minute walk from the entrance, both having restrooms.

  • to the South of the beach boxes: Green Point car park, 950 m walk along the beach (Google Maps)
  • to the North of the beach boxers: Middle Brighton Baths, 850 m walk (Google Maps facilities next to the parking)
  • There are limited parking spaces in the residential area available, but they are full on busy days.

Annual Swim Event

Information board for the upcoming swim event at Brighton
Sunday, February 5th at Brighton

In January and February, there are open ocean & bay swims for all ages all over Victoria. Most of them are 1.2 km long. The one at Brighton Beach Boxes will take place on February 5, 2023. Would you like to know more or be part of it? More information and registration link

Weather Brighton Beach

Spring (September-November)

Beach life at Brighton with ramblers and kids
Brighton Beach is also great for a walk.

Spring is a lovely season, although too cold for a bath. Day temps are in the low to mid-20s but drop significantly in the evening until 10°C at night. Especially in September, you can experience wintery weather. Rain decreases, and it gets drier in November. Pack a warm jacket into your bag to be on the safe side.

Summer (December-February)

Me at Brighton Beach walking through the water
I enjoyed this beautiful scenery on a windy day.

The summer is the peak season along the coast of Victoria, like elsewhere. Day temperatures range from 24-27°C on average and frequently climb to the mid-30s. Nights are fresh and cool, around 15°C. Brighton experiences more than 250 hours of sunshine each summer month. However, the sea is cold IMO. The average maximum temperature from January to March is 17°C. The summer is the driest time of the year, though showers occur.

Autumn (March-May)

Beach life where kids play in the sand
Brighton Beach is less busy in the fall.

March and April are pleasant months with temps above 20°C and occasionally in the high 20s. May is still lovely but definitely no longer a beach month with 17°C on average. In March, night temps are fine, around 15°C, but drop to 10°C in May. Rainfall is increasing in May, and a downpour can occur, but also lovely days. Summarized, during fall, late heat waves but also early cold snaps occur the closer you get to winter.

Winter (June-August)

Beach Huts at Brighton close to Melbourne
The sea gets pretty close to the beach boxes at high tide.

It is colder and sometimes foggy, however, day temps are usually around 15°C but can drop below 10°C occasionally. Nights are chilly, ranging between 9-5°C. Nevertheless, the sea impacts the climate, and temps do not drop to freezing. The weather is a bit patchy, and rain occurs more often, sometimes in downpours, but the next day can already be sunny and lovely again. Pack a wider variety of clothes for all weather patterns to be prepared.

If you are looking to explore more, I recommend the Lonely Planet Melbourne City Map. It is the most comprehensive guidebook to the city, covering the top sights and most authentic off-beat experiences. It comes in an easy-fold format and includes an extensive street and site index.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Melbourne, Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, nowadays one of the coolest places to be in Melbourne. Wedding pictures are taken here. Residents started to sell their colourful, brightly painted beach boxes since one was sold at an auction.

Brighton Beach Box number 15
Number 15 with the seagulls got sold for an unbelievable amount.

Have a closer look at the blue box number 15 with seagulls on it. It was sold for $340.000 in November 2019. That was a new record, and it is just a question of time before the next one gets sold. These beach boxes at the water’s edge are privately owned, initially built for women to get dressed already 160 years ago. The first mentioned bathing boxes date back to 1862.

Brighton Beach 1914
Brighton Beach is part of the Bayside Coastal Art Trail - more below.

They are simply a shed, utterly basic and don’t have much in common with the ones in the UK. In the UK, these huts are often used for vacations, but these are rather small. All are the same size. They neither have electricity nor running water. Even the decoration of the bathing boxes has strict guidelines. It is not allowed to rent or sublet a beach box as accommodation or to sleep in it.

One of the famous cake shops in Acland Street
These shops are open until late in the night.

There isn’t any food or beverages available nearby. It is an excellent spot for a picnic and if you wish to stay longer bring water, snacks or cake from one of the famous bakeries in Acland Street. There is sometimes a food truck, but you can’t count on it. 

My Beach Huts Recommendation

A woman reading a book at the sea
My favourite books by Veronica Henry keep me hooked until the final page. 

I do not remember what these books or the Brighton Beach Boxes were first in my life, but sure, I am fascinated by these small beach huts and the stories told by Veronica Henry.

Bayside Coastal Art Trail

Information Board on the Coastal Art Trail
The trail leads along Brighton Beach - One story about the Boon wurrung women.

If you wish to learn a bit about the history and art of Melbourne and Australia, then consider hiking the Bayside Coastal Art Trail. 

This 17 km long trail starts in Brighton and ends in Beaumaris. The track leads along the coast, beaches, and clifftops. There are more than 90 information boards about the Bayside artists, indigenous, history, and environment. What an exciting hike along the coast.

Leaflets plus map about the four different topics:

  1. Indigenous
  2. Art
  3. History
  4. Environment


Afterwards, visit the popular St. Kilda Penguins. It’s a ten-minute drive from Brighton to St. Kilda.



These are my recommended tours via GetYourGuide, with an excellent advance cancellation policy. Thx for booking via my website! With your support, I am able to provide all the information first-hand. Tour prices are at no extra cost!

Our wonderful Melburnian friend Rik had shown us the Brighton Beach Boxes. He also provided some of these pictures. Contact me if you wish to use any of our pictures, but we will take action against picture theft!

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