Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires - Famous Graves, Stories and Tips
Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires - Famous Graves, Stories and Tips

Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires - Famous Graves, Stories and Tips


When Is the Best Time

La Recoleta cemetery is one of the most iconic and famous monuments in Buenos Aires, almost 200 years old. Your Buenos Aires visit is not complete if you do not wander around the almost 55.000 sqm big cemetery with nearly 5000 vaults.

Recoleta walking path along huge mausoleums

That sounds creepy, but it is a remarkable place in the middle of the vibrant city. It is a soothing place where we got lost for hours just enjoying the extravagant funeral architecture, the different mausoleums, and the rich history behind it. You get aware our life is a brief moment, and we should enjoy every minute possible. 

A marble angle at the entrance of a mausoleum

La Recoleta cemetery was once located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, but with the demand for living space, the city grew around it.

A man resting on a bench.

The cemetery is organized like a city, a labyrinth of the dead. The deceased are honoured by the thousands of visitors daily from Argentina and worldwide.

The best time to enjoy the tranquillity at Recoleta cemetery is in the morning and late afternoon. However, the further you walk, the quieter it gets. These hours also offer the best light to take outstanding pictures.

Recoleta Opening Hours and Free Guided Tours

The Recoleta entrance
It's busy around the Recoleta entrance.
  • The opening hours are from 8 am – 6 pm in summer and 5 pm in winter. 
  • Guided tours are offered in Spanish from Tuesday to Friday at 11 am and 2 pm
  • At weekends and public holidays, guided tours take part at 11 am and 3 pm 
Recoleta entrance
Recoleta is busier at the entrance.

New Introduced Entrance Fee 

In April 2022, Recoleta was reopened after two years of closure due to Covid19, and an entrance fee is requested now.

  • Argentinian residents have free admission if they are not on a guided tour.
  • Foreigners ARS 1.400 = $10 or 10€
Recoleta is quiet at the very end.
Fewer people walk deep into Recoleta.

Recoleta is also a wealthy district with lovely shops, restaurants, and cafes around. Recoleta translated means calm which perfectly suits this unique place. 

The centre of Recoleta

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Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Buenos Aires, Recoleta

 La Recoleta Cemetery was the first public cemetery in Buenos Aires city, the capital of Argentina. It was inaugurated on 17. November 1822.

View to the inside of a mausoleum full of coffins
Family members are buried together, but sad to see the children's coffin.

It is a fascinating mixture of tombs from the mid-18th hundreds and modern ones from today. The most relevant people, politicians, military, writers, poets, and explorers of Argentina rest in Recoleta.

The tomb of Evita and Juan Peron in Recoleta
To the left is Juan and to the right Eva Peron.

The most famous gravesite is from Eva Peron, Evita, where fans pilgrimage to and lay flowers. She is buried five meters deep in a heavenly secured crypt, and it is the busiest place of all in Recoleta. Evita, the First Lady of Argentina, championed women's rights the suffrage and improved the lives of poor people.

Marble angels in a mausoleum.

Her husband, Juan Peron, became the president of Argentina in 1946. She died early in 1952, at the age of 33, of cervical cancer. She remains unforgotten in Argentina and the world because of the famous musical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Recoleta more to the end with a bench.
Have a seat and soak in this special atmosphere.

Recoleta without equal, where so many stories can be told and are worth knowing. If you wish to learn more about this place, either do good research before or, even better, book a guided tour. We wandered around on our own and missed some fascinating places.

A palm tree between the tombs

Due to the proximity to the sea, a humid climate lets ferns and plants grow out of the bricks. It is a place of death and in contrast to life growing around the graveyard.

plants growing out of the bricks in Recoleta

Recoleta Stories

A marble angel in Recoleta
The many mausoleums – instead of buried under soil it’s above.

The best story of all in the beginning; David Alleno was a gravedigger for 30 years. His only wish was to be buried with his own statue in Recoleta. He saved as much money as possible to achieve his target. When his sculptor had finished his statue, he returned home and finally killed himself to RIP in Recoleta.

The marble statue and the mausoleum of Rufina Cambaceres Bacichi
This is the famous mausoleum of Rufina.

The remains of Rufina Cambaceres Bacichi is buried in this mausoleum. She was mistakingly buried alive. Days later, her mother discovered her coffin was moved. It is assumed that she suffered a cataleptic attack still alive, but it was believed she was dead due to a sudden transient episode.

Basilica Claustros Historicos Basilicar del Pilar
The basilica to the right of Recoleta Cemetery.

The basilica next to the cemetery is called “Claustros Históricos Basílica del Pilar”

3 Tips for an Outstanding Visit

One of the long paths between so many tombs.
Recoleta is even more enjoyable at the very end.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes, trainers, you easily walk here for hours.
  2. Bring sunscreen; there isn’t almost any shade.
  3. Also, bring a bottle of water and don’t come hungry.


The 230 years old banyan tree
Such an impressive tree in the Recoleta district

Don’t miss out on the more than 230 years old banyan tree called “Gomero de la Recoleta” a historical landmark. Some of the branches are more than 30 meters long and stabilized. This massive tree is located across the cemetery. Google Maps Location 

My Hotel Tip

Our Hotel in Recoleta
Our hotel in walking distance to Recoleta Cemetery.

Book a hotel in the Recoleta district and explore the area on foot. It is a safe and lovely area where we spent three days on our arrival to continue to Iguazu Falls.

Please get in touch with me if you wish to use any of my photos, but I will take action against picture theft.

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