Best Time for Wreck Diving and Whale Sharks in the Red Sea in Egypt - Top Tips Before You Go
Best Time for Wreck Diving and Whale Sharks in the Red Sea in Egypt

Best Time for Wreck Diving and Whale Sharks in the Red Sea in Egypt


When Is the Best Time

The Red Sea is an excellent year-round destination for diving. The main season starts in May and lasts until November with its peak in summer in July and August the European school holidays.

The best months with pleasant water temperatures around 28°C are from June to September. October and November are a little bit cooler, therefore, less busy.

Dolphins in the depth

Strong winds can occur during autumn, so the apparent air temperature is chilly when getting out of the sea and taking out the neoprene.

A huge gathering of small fish
Huge fish schools attract the big fish in the Red Sea.

The biggest chance for spotting big fish is from September to November when they migrate from the south to the north with colder ocean currents. 

Best Time Whale Sharks Red Sea

A young whale shark in the red sea
Whale sharks are frequently seen close to the surface.

Whale sharks are present throughout the year and in high numbers from May until August. It is still little known about these gentle giants. It is believed that they are around for mating because male and female gather in the red sea.

Where to See Whale Sharks in the Red Sea

The back the long tail of a whale shark

Usually, lifeboards are the best option for diving but for spotting whale sharks you can also stay in the popular destinations Hurghada or Marsa Alam which is cheaper. Whale sharks are frequntly seen by divers and snorklers 

Best Time Hammerheads Red Sea

Hammerhead sharks are more likely to see between May and September usually the early morning is best when they come up from the depth.


Best Months to Visit


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Location and Tips

Hurghada, Shadwan Island

The reef of Abu Nuhas in the Red Sea is also called "The Ship's Graveyard". Four wrecks are accessible for divers. Giannis D. is one of the most exciting wrecks for diving. The cargo of the almost 100 meters long ship was wood when it sank in 1983.

A female diver at the Giannis D. ship wreck

It hit the reef and split into two halves. The wreck lies in depths between 4 to 27 meters which makes it easily accessible for beginners and experienced divers as well.  It's great to dive zigzagging through the corridors and the engine room.

A female free diver
I on our free diving trip.

Added by my friend Tobi and extended by Micha and Markus from BestTime2Travel.

The hammerhead photo took my friend and diver Leif.

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