Peggy's Point Lighthouse

Peggy's Point Lighthouse


When Is the Best Time

Peggy's Point Lighthouse is the most famous Nova Scotia icon just an hour drive south of Halifax. It is the top tourist attraction of Nova Scotia and is busy throughout the year with tour buses and day-trippers visiting by car. The worst time of the year is the summer in July and August. There is limited parking close to the lighthouse, but there are three easy ways to beat the crowds even in the peak months:

3 Tips for Visiting Peggys Cove

Peggys Cove and village

  1. Come Early
    Be there in the morning as early as possible. At least before 9 am. Experiencing the sunrise is amazing anyway.
  2. Stay Late 
    Don't leave before or right after sunset. Just stay! Most visitors leave when the sun goes down, but the place gets even prettier. Check sunrise and sunset times here: Halifax Canada | Sunrise - Sunset
  3. Come Weekdays
    The residents and tourists love this picturesque lighthouse; therefore, weekends are much busier than weekdays.

You like to know how busy Peggy's Point is or how the weather looks like? Check out the webcam

Weather Peggys Cove

Peggys Cove Lighthouse

It is a mild climate due to its location at the Atlantic Ocean. It's changeable weather experiencing everything in one day. Rain, showers, and fog occur frequently at the coast of Nova Scotia. Forget about using an umbrella, the wind will blow it to pieces. Therefore, bring a wind-and rainproof jacket. Regarding the weather, many locals say August -October are the best months. 

The best time to visit Peggy's Cove regarding weather, sunshine hours, and crowds are April - June and September - October. Avoid the busy summer holiday months.

Peggys Cove fishermen houses

Heavy rainfall can occur in early spring. April is still cold on average 10°C during the day. It starts to warm up in May to already 16°C. June to September are pleasant with day temperatures in the mid-20's°C. Strong southern air masses causing them to rise to the mid-30's°C. October is still nice temperatures drop to 15°C. The wintertime can bring cloud cover and almost freezing day temperatures. Night temps drop significantly; minus 10°C are common.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Nova Scotia, Peggys Cove / Halifax

Peggys Point is one of over 160 historic lighthouses in Nova Scotia, but definitely the most visited one. The original lighthouse was built in 1868. It was a working post office until 2009. The tower is 50 feet/15 m high. The lighthouse stands exposed on granite rocks. You can walk on rocks around Peggys Point, but wear proper shoes for it. Watch the unpredictable swell when walking around. Each year people are swept off by huge waves. Bring a wind jacket for your visit. 

Peggys Point Lighthouse

When you visit this lovely coast, you are set back in time with all the small house nestled in the cove. Here are photo opportunities in abundance. Looking for presents? You definitely find some in the local craft and souvenir shops. 

Best to get to this historic and scenic lighthouse before the crowds arrive. We arrived at 9 a.m. and thoroughly enjoyed finding a parking spot, then jumping around on the rocks, taking many pictures, and enjoying the beautiful scenery and food! Try the delicious lobster rolls.

Parking at Peggys Cove

Parking is a bit of a hassle—limited parking at the lighthouse. There is an overflow next to the visitor center, but during midday, at weekends, and in the peak season even this fills up quickly. It is 500 meters walk from the overflow parking to the stunning lighthouse.

These wonderful pictures are provided by my photographer friend Chris. We visited the area before digital photography was introduced.

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