Camping Gear - Travelling Lightweight

Camping Gear - Travelling Lightweight

We live in Europe and love to travel to North America or Australia. In the beginning, it was challenging to manage 23 kg/ 50 lbs for a month camping. Nowadays we easily travel with 20 kg/ 40 lbs because of our lightweight gear.

Our black luggage bag for travelling
Eagle Creek X-Large rolling - 120 l - weight below 4 lbs/ 2 kg

The other challenge was not losing the overview of the stuff in our car. Nowadays we are pretty well organized having different bags in different colours and always all our gear is put in the same coloured bag.

Luggage bag and smaller bags to organize
Mine is the red eagle creek stuffed with coloured bags.

The advantage is we do not search for clothes nor for our sleeping gear. We put all and everything in bags.

Different coloured bags for travelling
Different colours, different sizes, and even a bag for shoes is avaialable.

This is all we travel with and I don't miss anything during our journeys as long as I get a fresh brewed coffee in the morning. 

Tent and picnic table in Vancouver Island
Brewing a fresh coffee in the morning at our great campsite in Vancouver Island.

Soon we will share more of the gear we use for our outdoor adventures