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The Tides at Mont Saint Michel 2024 and Newly Introduced Time Slot Tickets

We visited Mont Saint Michel in August 2019. As BT2T warned on this website, visiting here during the summer season is CRAZY!

Lineups were insane. It was very hot (which wasn't a bad thing, but you need to be armed with sun hats, sunscreen and WATER!) Don't expect to buy these things there because the lineups are crazy everywhere. Ensure that you leave plenty of time in your plans to deal with line ups to get to the car park, then for the free shuttle bus, then to get into the walled city and Abbey. Otherwise, leave early in the morning to get there before the crowds or plan your visit at off-peak times.

But was the visit worthwhile? DEFINITELY.

We booked two tours through BT2T's links to (1) the Abbey Self-Guided Tour and (2) the Guided Hiking Tour in the Bay. They were so very worthwhile!

Your Abbey tour ticket allows you to skip the lineups and gets you in immediately (but first you will need to walk up the jam-packed winding alleys to the Abbey entrance where you pass through security). Once inside, there is plenty of space to move about and enjoy the amazing Abbey, Chapels and views. It's great!

But the best - and most unique - part of our visit was the 3-hour Guided Tour of the Bay!!
Believe them when they say you need 3 hours. Come prepared to walk through mud, clay and water. It's best to walk barefoot, but neoprene surfing booties or tight-fitting water shoes might also work. You will get muddy and need to change footwear when you're done.

The guides are exceptional and very knowledgeable.
The views of the Mount from the bay are captivating.
The insights into the tidal effects and impact on the bay and surrounds are very educational and insightful.
Be sure to carry water and a snack with you (and remember to use the toilet before your tour starts!) If you have any physical limitations with walking, then this tour might not be for you because it does require some determination and stamina as you navigate slippery clay fields, "sinking" sand, and flowing water. But this is all part of this unforgettable experience. If you do nothing else during your visit to Mont Saint Michel, then be sure to do this tour.

Tours only happen when the tide is on its way out / during low tide, so bear this in mind when planning your visit.

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