Saarburg Waterfall and Saarburg Castle in Germany
Saarburg Waterfall and Saarburg Castle in Germany

Saarburg Waterfall and Saarburg Castle in Germany


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Saarburg is a lovely town and famous for its waterfall and castle within walking distance. You can easily spend half a day here.

View out of the castle tower to the outer walls and restaurant
View out of the tower to the remnants of Saarburg Castle.

The Saarburg waterfall is unique because it does not flow through wild natural landscapes as others do but directly into the old town of Saarburg. The 17 m high waterfall is formed by the river Leuk.

The Leuk waterfall in the old town view from the first lookout
The old town of Saarburg and the waterfall.

The Saarburg waterfall is most picturesque in the morning, with the perfect light in the back of you. Due to its proximity to France and Luxembourg, Saarburg is busy during the weekends with visitors from neighbouring countries and Germans.

The best viewpoint to the waterfall and old mill
The historic old mill and the Amüseum - tell the history of Saarburg.

Usually, on Sundays, shops are closed in Germany, but there is an exception for Saarburg, which attracts many foreign tourists and Germans alike. Most visitors enjoy a coffee or lunch outside of one of the cafes and restaurants.

View from a pedestrian bridge to the river and old town.
The centre of the old town - only 150 m away, the river Leuk tumbles down as a waterfall.

You can sit next to the river and hear the roaring waterfall. It is quiet in the morning, especially on Sundays, but crowded at midday, especially on such beautiful sunny days.

Saarburg Castle

The river with cruise ship and ferry
Saarburg castle towers above the river.

High above the Saar on a hill, you can see the ruins of one of the oldest castles of the West. It is a picturesque landmark and the namesake of the town of Saarburg. 

The staircase to the inner section and tower of Saarburg castle.
The picturesque castle ruins and access to the castle tower.

The castle complex is freely accessible and absolutely worth seeing. In 964, Count Siegfried of Luxembourg purchased the castle hill from the Trier Cathedral Church and built a mighty castle complex.

A visitor on top of the Belvedere Tower
Markus on the accessible Belvedere Tower

The Belvedere Tower was originally a low nobility castle mansion built in 1595 - collapsed in 1877 - and was newly built from red sandstone ashlars in 1895. Belvedere comes from the Italian language for viewpoint.

Saarburg castle view from the river in the night.
The castle is illuminated in the evening.

The castle ring was 137 m long and up to 50 m wide. From the early 12th century, the castle was owned by the Archbishops of Trier, who, over the centuries, developed it into one of the most important fortifications in their territory.

Information Panel about the castle.
The QR Code for the Digital Audio App and the castle's original appearance are in the picture section below.

After several destructions and reconstructions, the castle lost its importance from the 18th century onwards and became a ruin. In 1860, the town of Saarburg bought the ruins and in 1896 established, the viewing plateau at the upper part of the tower.

The tower with the narrow spiral staircase inside the castle ruins
The tower offers a great view from the top.

When climbing over 100 steps up the narrow spiral staircase, you get rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the Saar Valley. 

The panoramic view from the Saarburg castle tower
View from the tower to the Saar, castle restaurant and the old town behind the church.

When you visit the castle in spring and summer, you may be surprised to see goats running around. This is for a very simple reason: they are there to keep the vegetation low.

How to Get to Saarburg Castle and Waterfall

Saarburg Map of the old town
Saarburg Map high resolution

Saarburg is a half-hour drive south of Trier and is near the Luxembourg and France border in the west of Germany. Close to Saarburg are the famous Moselle vineyards. 

A visitor following a sign in Saarburg to the waterfall
You can easily navigate your way as a day visitor in Saarburg.

There are plenty of signs in the old town centre of Saarburg and from the car park to give you directions to all the attractions. From the waterfall, walk in the direction of the church and here to the left along the old town wall to get to the castle. It takes 5-10 minutes by foot, and benches are along the cobbled path for a break.

Parking Saarburg

One of the huge car parks in Saarburg.
There is plenty of parking close to the old town - I took the photo Sunday morning, therefore, the car park was still empty.

Everything is well signposted in the town, and you can easily find what you are looking for. The closest parking is within walking distance of the waterfall and castle.  Parking Google Maps BEV parking (battery electric vehicle) park for four hours for free.

Where to Stay Close to Saarburg?

The Hotel Saarburger Hof close to the waterfall
Saarburger Hof is within walking distance of the waterfall and castle.

This hotel is located opposite the information centre and town hall, close to all attractions.

The Hotel and Vineyard Apel
We loved our stay at the Vineyard Apel and plan to return with friends in autumn.

We spent a night in a vineyard, did a wine tasting in the evening, and enjoyed the excellent kitchen. The rooms at "Weingut Apel" are clean, and the beds are excellent. You get to the wine estate by car, only a 20-minute drive from Saarburg at Moselle River. A rich buffet breakfast can also be booked at the reception, which I highly recommend.

Biking Along the Saar

A ferry on river Saar with hikers and bikers.
You are able to cross the Saar by ferry.

The Saar River flows next to the town, and the waterfall is a popular break for bikers. This well-marked river bike trail of 110 km leads along the river Saar and passes by Saarburg. The starting point of this route in France behind the German border is Sarreguemines endpoint, Konz, close to Trier. 

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The waterfall is located in the beautiful old town centre of Saarburg and tumbles down in steps more than 20 meters. The waterfall canal makes for a unique experience. Initially, the small Leuk River flowed around the town, not through the town centre.

Panoramic photo of the waterfall and the old town
The old mill system and half-timbered houses at Leuk River.

The river was rerouted in the 13th century to provide firefighters with water in case of a fire. At the same time, mills were built at the bottom of the waterfall. Today you can visit the mill museum.

Visitors at one of the lookouts to Saarburg waterfall.
One of the viewpoints along River Leuk offering great views to the waterfall and old town.

Exciting attractions include the old town centre, medieval timbered houses, and Saar Castle can be seen in one day. 

The mill and houses next to the waterfall and river.
The old buildings at the river are still inhabited.

Saarburg is very popular and close to the border of France and Luxembourg. Shops are open on Sundays. You can sit and enjoy a coffee, ice cream or the typical Tarte flambee in one of the many cafes. The town also has castle ruins atop the hillside overlooking the river and the surroundings. You can climb the high tower for fascinating views.

The chairlift in the vineyards.
The chairlift or "Sessellift" is to the right.

Another attraction is the nearby chairlift that takes you high up into the vineyards. There is also a walking path to the top of the hill. This is a great opportunity for families with small children and people who have difficulties walking longer distances uphill.

View to the creek and river Saar with the old town in the back
The canal of the Leuk River flows into the River Saar.

We visited Saarburg once during Easter and once on the weekend in the summer, and the town was pretty busy. However, we had no trouble finding a place to sit when it was time for a break. 

Map of the bicycle route
The bike route along the river Saar. Map high resolution

If you like to follow the river for a day, rental bikes are offered. The region is also famous for its excellent wine and vineyards.

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