Madonna della Corona at Lake Garda - How to Get Here and Photos plus Video and Map
Madonna della Corona at Lake Garda - How to Get Here and Photos

Madonna della Corona at Lake Garda - How to Get Here and Photos


When Is the Best Time

The basilica perched on the cliffs at 773 m elevation is truly a unique place which you should visit if you are at Lago di Garda. You can access this unique church either from the top of the cliffs or from the bottom on the trail "Sentiero della Speranza". 

View from lower elevation to Madonna della Corona
View from the best lookout on the trail. Exact location Google Maps

However, choose wisely the day of your visit. During summer, it’s pretty crowded, and in the winter, it’s peaceful and quiet. But even if it is packed here, you should definitely visit this church. If you wish to enjoy the tranquillity and one of the offered services, I highly recommend visiting in the morning. This place has a special kind of magic.

The cloister with bronze statues.
The Cloister

I visited Madonna della Corona for the first time with my father, who loves this place, more than 20 years ago and again twice with my husband Markus. I never get bored here; it is one of the rare places where you get touched deeply.

How to Get to Madonna Della Corona?

Map of Brentino, Spiazzi, Madonna della Corona and Monte Baldo
Map high resolution

Walking Paths - Parking

A man descends on a staircase in the forest.
The never-ending staircase from Spiazzi to the basilica.
  • Day-Hike
    If you wish to approach The Lady of the Crown from the bottom; from the village Brentino southwest of Avio for excellent views, plan an entire day and hike up to the basilica and afterwards further up to the bus station and upper parking. Hiking Trail Locus Map App from the free parking in Brentino to the church and to the top of the cliffs to Spiazzi, where we enjoyed a late lunch in a restaurant. One way 4 km - return 8 km. I highly recommend hiking to Spiazzi because of the impressive Cloister along the road.
View from the distance to the church perched on the cliffs
A breathtaking location and church.
  • Half-Day Walk
    You can also park at the top in Spiazzi and walk down at the cloister and the same way back. Limited parking in Spiazzi Google Maps - The hike descends on hundreds of steps to the church - 740 m one way - return 1.5 km. Walking Path Locus Map - You are able to avoid the steep staircase and walk on the road which the buses use. Duration down 20 minutes and up 30 minutes.
The trail Sentiero della Speranza
Several paths lead through nature to Madonna della Corona.

Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus station to the church.
The shuttle bus station with a view of The Lady of the Crown.

There is a shuttle bus usually every half an hour. The shuttle bus stop is situated opposite the chapel, just a short walk from here. You can already see the famous church when leaving the bus. Hiking back uphill is more strenuous. The bus ticket price is low, around 2 €.

People With Mobility Issues

A tunnel leads to the church
This tunnel leads to the entrance of Madonna della Corona.

For people with mobility issues, it is difficult to get here, unfortunately, but if you can manage to access a bus, it is a very short walk to get to the inner courtyard of the church, but a steep staircase leads up to the church as you can see in my video.

Opening Times Madonna Della Corona Church

The Madonna inside the Church

  • April – October: 7 am to 7.30 pm
  • November – March: 8 am to 6 pm

Prayer Service

Prayer Service all times for the entire year
Photo high resolution for the prayer service

Weather and Crowds for Lake Garda

The church nave

The lake has its own mild microclimate. However, the mountainous area is a little cooler. Rain occurs throughout the year. Snow is rare but definitely happens between late October to March. If visiting Lake Garda in the winter, you either need winter tires or snow chains for driving in higher elevations. It’s a winding road to Spiazzi on 850 m elevation.

Spring (March-May)

A typical town at Lake Garda late spring

Lovely temps during the day up to 20°C. Increasing rain in May but usually in the afternoon or evening. Nights are still cold on average, around 10°C. It gets more crowded but still bearable, except for the Easter holidays. The villages and towns around the lake get busier.

Summer (June-August)

People swimming and taking a bath in the lake
It is breathtaking scenery while you swim in the lake.

The summer is warm, often scorching, with temps around 30°C. At night, temps are pleasant, on average below 20°C. It’s also the wettest time of the year. Heavy thunderstorms occur in the afternoon or evening. Usually, the visibility to the other side of the lake is poor before midday due to the humidity of the lake clouds built up. Lago di Garda and all attractions around are crazy busy. The traffic is terrible. Hotel and rental holiday prices are sky-high.

Autumn (September-November)

The walk and bike path in the north of Lago di Garda

It's also a lovely time at Lake Garda. Crowds thin out a little. More accommodations are available except for the autumn holidays. September and October are excellent months, still around 20°C though November is already cold, and temps can drop below 10°C. Fresh porcinis can be found in mountainous areas while hiking, or you can buy them fresh on the market.

Winter (December-February)

Snow on Monte Baldo and the alps in the back
Snow on Monte Baldo and the Alps in the distance is common in the winter.

Usually, days are mild with temps between 5-10°C. Sometimes temperatures drop a little. Nights are cold on average, around freezing. Most campgrounds are closed. Snow occurs in higher elevations and at least once a year on the north shore of the lake, as in the beginning of November 2019. As soon as the sun is shining, it’s pleasant. The advantage it's clear without haze during the day. It’s the driest time of the year, but rain occurs. It’s also the quietest time of the year. Though before Christmas a little busy. However, less traffic. Our preferred time at Lago di Garda.

Map for This Region

The KOMPASS hiking map is an excellent companion for your next adventure around Lake Garda. It comes with a free app and is perfect for planning your hiking tour. The precise cartography shows all accessible hiking trails, including classification. Information such as swimming pools, via ferratas, children's playgrounds, huts, and much more are also included in the map.

Tips for Photographers

View from the steep staircase to Madonna della Corona

  • Summer
    The picturesque church is in the shadow in the morning. You get the best sunlight on the basilica from midday onwards.
  • Winter
    It's a short window in the morning to get the perfect shot with sunlight. The sun disappears behind the mountains already at midday. 

Drones are prohibited for good reason.

More information and pictures are below.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of accommodations spread around the lake. Advanced booking is recommended if you don't want to end up in one of the poorly rated-houses. During summer, it's usually crazy here. Check out for the best-guaranteed rates.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Lago di Garda, Spiazzi

The Sanctuary of Madonna Della Corona, "The Lady of the Crown" from the 16th century, is located close to Lake Garda on the Monte Baldo Massif's back.

The church perched to the cliffs
The steep staircase to get to the church.

The hidden church is situated on cliffs at 773 m elevation. It’s a one-hour drive from Malcesine and Verona to Spiazzi, where parking is available. No entrance fee is required, but donations are welcome. You can easily get here from Lago di Garda by car.

The church nave and the Madonna in the background
The church nave and the Madonna in the background.

Due to the inaccessibility, Sanctuary Madonna Della Corona never got utterly destroyed in the past.

A stained glass window
One of the colourful stained glass windows.

In the 70s, an Italian architect rebuilt the impressive chapel. The views to the church and from there down to the valley and the river Etsch are fantastic. Next to the church is a small café offering beverages and snacks. 

A restaurant in Spiazzi
The restaurant we went to in Spiazzi.

There are some restaurants around Spiazzi. However, bring plenty of water and a sandwich for your journey to this amazing place in the mountains.

Tip Dress Code

There are already signs at the beginning of the trail to wear appropriate clothes. Protect your shoulders and knees for access to the sanctuary in the warm summer.

Top Tip

Eremo de San Colombano

Do you like to see more of those fascinating chapels? There is another one called Eremo die San Colombano (Location Google Maps)

Unfortunately, not open to the public daily, only on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm. The access across a bridge is closed by a gate. Nevertheless, it’s awe-inspiring from the road already. It’s a short drive from Rovereto, north of Lake Garda.

Do you want to obtain the usage right for my images? Contact me, but I will take action against picture theft.

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