Krimmler Wasserfälle - Krimml Waterfalls Hike to 11 Viewpoints

Krimmler Wasserfälle - Krimml Waterfalls Hike to 11 Viewpoints


When Is the Best Time

Krimml is situated in the National Park Hohe Tauern in Austria. To access the area, you have to drive through a gate, and a fee of 10,50 € is requested for one day and car. The National Park Hohe Tauern is most famous for the highest mountain in Austria, "Großglockner", with a height of 3.798 m.

Entrance Gate Gerlos Alpine Road to Krimml

Krimml is a lovely village with hiking trails in the summer and ski areas in the winter.

Opening Hours Krimml Waterfalls

The waterfall and trail are open throughout the year. The entrance fee for Krimml is 5 € from mid-April/May until the end of October from 9 am to 5 pm but free in the wintertime.

Krimml in Summer

Krimml Waterfall in spring with a high amount of water
Lots of spray; an umbrella is needed in spring and summer.

An average of 450,000 m³ of water plunges down the falls a day in summer, which is 5.6 m³ per second. The waterfall is at its peak late evening due to the midday melted water of the glacier. The best sunlight for the waterfalls is at noon in the summer.

Krimml in Winter

View to lower and middle part of Krimml waterfall
View from the watchtower at the beginning of the Gerlos Alpine Road.

There isn't any sunshine on the falls in the winter. The waterfall has only a fraction of the water, but the icicles are beautiful. In winter, you walk at your own risk, and it is difficult and dangerous to hike to the topmost part; even the lower part is slippery.

Ice and snow sculptures at the waterfall
The wintertime offers fantastic photo opts.

From my experience, you can hike to the very top but with snowshoes, spikes or crampons only; otherwise, I don't recommend hiking this slippery trail on snow and ice. Every Wednesday, a guided torch hike is offered at 8.30 pm. The meeting point is the bandstand in Krimml.


The upper part of Krimml Waterfall
We were the only hikers on the upper part of Krimml due to the high amount of snow and ice.

It is a very popular natural spectacle with more than 400.000 visitors annually; therefore very crowded at Eastern and in summer – fewer tourists in the morning. Very special in winter. We went to the falls in March 2022 and were amazed by the beauty and how quiet it can be.

Best Months to Visit


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Location and Tips

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

The impressive Krimml waterfalls are the highest in Europe, the fifth largest in the world, located in the National Park "Hohe Tauern" in Austria. It consists of three levels with a height of 380 m. A 4 km hiking trail leads to each level and viewpoint from the bottom to the top of the falls. The lower Krimml waterfall is 140 m high, the middle part is 100 m, and the topmost is 145 m. The trail to the top takes roughly 1 1/2 hours. I describe all lookouts and the hike in detail.

11 Viewpoints to the Top of the Waterfall

The waterfall trail forks to the first viewpoint.
It is a very well maintained and wide hiking trail.

It is a zigzagging and well-maintained trail until the cafe and restaurant Schönangerl. It is a perfect place to rest from spring to autumn but is closed in winter. They also offer a shuttle bus to get back to Krimml for 7 €. From here the trail leads deep into the valley, still climbing up until Schettbrücke, a bridge crossing the Ache. In summer, you can continue on this trail, but we had to turn back in wintér because of the high amount of snow. 

1 Waterfall Overlook from Gerlos Road

The Waterfall outlook the first excellent view down to Krimml and the falls.
Mountains to the left are Achselkopf and Breitlahner Gabel 

Officially the first view is from Krimml and is called Kürisinger Platz. Ignaz von Kürsinger was the constructor of the first waterfall path around 1835. However, IMO this lookout is much better, giving you an idea of the falls' location. The waterfall is fed by the "Krimmler Ache", flowing through the valley and plunging to the village. Location outlook Google Maps

2 Rieman Kanzel on 1.110 m

View to Krimml from the Rieman Kanzel
The first viewpoint along the hiking path.

Rieman was the moving spirit to develop the first waterfall hiking trail.

3 Regen Kanzel on 1.150 m

The view from the Regen Kanzel up to the other viewpoints

4 Sendtner Kanzel on 1.170 m

View to the Krimml Waterfall from the Sendtner Kanzel

Theodor Ritter von Sendtner supported the construction of this path in 1878/79.

5 Jung Kanzel 1.210 m

View from Jung Kanzel to the Krimml Waterfall

Ernst Jung was part of the expedition in 1876, climbing the exposed area to find a feasible hiking trail along the falls. He also supported the project financially.

6 Jaga Sprung 1.220 m

Viewpoint Bergersteif to the middle part of the Krimml waterfall

This name originates from a story about a hunter and a deer stealer.

7 Bergersteig 1.245 m

The viewpoint Bergersteig and the wide hiking path

Named after Friedrich Ernst Berger, he was the first chairman of the Alpine association for 56 years.

8 Schönangerl 1.306 m

View from Schönangerl Alm to the Upper Waterfall

This viewpoint was not accessible because of the high snowfall this winter. However, we enjoyed this great view of the upper Krimml Waterfall during our break. Schöangerl is a mountain hut with a beer garden.

9 Staubige Reib 1.330 m

Viewpoint upper Krimml waterfall called Staubige Reib
The path offers breathtaking views.

It doesn't exist an explanation of where this name comes from.

10 Bergerblick 1.390 m

Upper Krimml waterfall view from the Bergerblick
The Upper Krimml Falls

This is the second lookout to the upper Krimml waterfall which is named after Friedrich Ernst Berger.

11 Schettkanzel 1.460 m

The last viewpoint Schettkanzel before the top of Krimml
Good preparation is key and crampons are essential in the winter!

Soon after this viewpoint, you reach the top of the Krimml Falls and the Schettbrücke, the bridge is leading above the Krimmler Ache. From here more trails are leading deep into the valley. The viewpoint Schettkanzel and Schettbrücke are named after Albert Schett to honour him for his support.

Viewpoint Schettbrücke on top of the Krimml Falls

He was part of the mountain association expedition in 1876 and also the construction manager of this excellent hiking trail. 

Krimml the Natural Cure

View from the bottom up to the waterfall in summer with much spray

Waterfalls have this special mystic atmosphere. Although the thunder of Krimml reaches 120 dB it is not an annoying noise instead benefit from the positive energy which the waterfall creates. It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. Scientists from the Paracelsus Medical University of Salzburg recently confirmed the positive impact; the healing effect for allergies and asthma which is also proved by blood tests.
Due to the high elevation, the pollen season is shorter another positive effect. The spray of the waterfall is excellent for cleaning the upper respiratory already after a short visit of half an hour. 

Parking in Krimml

Closest parking in Krimml number 4 Burgwaldwiese

There are four huge parking areas where a fee is required in the peak season but not in the wintertime. The closest and most convenient is Parking 4 - Burgwaldwiese on 1.096 m above sea level next to the "Water World Centrum". Parking inside the village is free but more to walk. 

Parking Fee for Cars

  • Up to 2 hours 4,70 €
  • Afterwards every 30 min 0,60 €
  • Maximum daily rate 11 €

Requested Fees at Krimml

Krimml Waterfall entrance in winter
The cashpoint and entrance to the falls is closed in winter.
  • National Park Hohe Tauern Entrance Fee 10,50 €
  • Waterfall Entrance 5 €
  • Parking

The summer pictures are provided by my friend Ver, and. I took the photos in the wintertime. If you wish to use any of these pictures contact me.

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