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Snorkeling at Playa Larga in Cuba

Also good destination for diving. Combine Playa Larga with Cueva de los Peces.

Experience the Cayo Largo Lagoon in Cuba on a Boat Tour

You shouldn't miss this beautiful island. Great spot for sharks, huge manta rays, turtles.

Snorkeling at Cayo Levisa

Nice island but diving and snorkeling was at the same place with same boat. It wasn't deeper than 15 meters.

La Comandancia de la Plata

Looks great, unfortunately we were too lazy to drive so far.

Stac Pollaidh One of the Assynt Hills

I prefer May with blooming gorse.

Anse Chastanet - St. Lucia

Yes, a great place for snorkeling and diving. My best diving trip from there was to “The Needles”. With the boat of the diving school it took only a few minutes to the south. When they make the left turn out of their bay, be prepared to get a good camera picture of the pitons. After that you will have to get ready for your dive. After the exploration of the nice reef and diving between swarms of fishes, the guide went “The Needles” – about four rock formations that felt like a short small underwater canyon. This boat trip and the dive were in the early afternoon just with only one other visitor - more people signed up for the different trips in the morning. Bevor that I had plenty of time for snorkeling in the bay. With the booked diving tour it was no problem for me and my fellow travelers to stay there at the hotel beach.

Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula

Oh yes, it can be really full - like my picture shows with many people bathing. But I was happy that the beach is accessible for a cool break. My visit was at the beginning of July – and I was fortunate with the rain – but sometimes the clouds give some mystic impression. The last picture shows the beach. Iguanas are also present

Climbing the Breithorn from Italy

Great ! You reached the Top. My father also climbed it many years ago when I was a child. During my last visit in Switzerland I visited the Gornergrat (3135 m high) that is easy accessible with the Gornergrat train starting in Zermatt. Here I got a good view to the Breithorn like these two pictures show…

9 Must-Do Sights & Hikes in Saxon Switzerland National Park Plus Map

I have was here in December; I was the only one in the morning, and I shared the Bastei with few people only at midday.

Tide Times and Tips for St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall

Our visit was in May a couple of years ago. During the day we had high tide and to reach the isle the boat was needed. So we decided to come back later in the evening at low tide to visit St. Michaels Mount by feet. In May you already may enjoy long evenings with daylight and fewer people. The few inhabitants will only reach or leave their isle by car when it is low tide. If there should be one that passes you, it should not bother - we just saw careful and friendly drivers.