Flores Island – 7 Things to Do in Flores and Corvo - Azores
Flores Island – 7 Things to Do in Flores and Corvo - Azores

Flores Island – 7 Things to Do in Flores and Corvo - Azores


When Is the Best Time

Flores is one of the two westerly located islands in the “Occidental Group”. These islands are notorious for being the wettest Azores Islands, but we experienced great weather in Corvo and Flores in July.

View to Corvo and the most westerly lighthouse of Europe.
View from hiking trail PR 1 FLO to Corvo and Farol de Albarnaz.

There are just under 4000 inhabitants on Flores, so you can imagine the island is not very big.

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Best Time to Visit Flores - Azores

View to the west coast of Flores from a viewpoint.
Miradouro do Portal to Faja Grande in the back, and the waterfalls to the right.

The perceived humidity is 90 %, and you break a sweat easily while hiking in the summer. However, the summer is the best time from June until September to visit the Azores because it is the driest and most pleasant, with temperatures just slightly above 20°C in the shade.

People swimming in a natural swimming pool.
One of the "piscinas naturais" in the north of Santa Cruz das Flores.

While elsewhere in Europe, people experience heat waves at 40°C/104°F and more, we enjoyed the pleasant temperatures. Also, the Atlantic has a fantastic temperature of about 22°C/ 72°F in the natural swimming pools.

Hydrangeas and coastal shrub along a hike.
These flowers are everywhere in the Azores.

Another reason for our visit in July was the hydrangeas, which have a blue flower here in Flores. These flowers bloom everywhere on Flores, along the roads, on walks and as a barrier in the fields.

The wet moss carpet along the road.
The water-soaked moss along the roads at higher elevations.

The terrain at higher elevations is consistently wet. Flores is famous for its waterfalls, and we wanted to go to the edge where they plunge. It was less than 300 m, but we sank in the soft moss soaked with water like a sponge.

The lush green vegetation in Flores.
Miradouro Lagoa Negra e Lagoa Comprida on the hill in the middle and Comprida Lake.

Within two minutes, my socks and shoes were soaked, too. This moss carpet sinks as soon as you step on it. It also covers rocks along the road in the hinterland.

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How to Get to Flores Island?

A SATA airplane at the Sao Jorge Airport.
Our plane from Sao Jorge - Pico mountain and Pico Island in the back.

Getting to Flores is a bit of a challenge. The main hub for the Azores is Sao Miguel and Terceira, followed by Pico and Faial. There isn’t a direct flight by TAP or SATA from Lisbon to Santa Cruz das Flores; you need to change into a smaller SATA plane to get to Flores. Another alternative is the ferry from the central islands, which takes much longer.

How Many Days to Spent in Flores?

A hiker in the Corvo Caldera on a sunny day with blue sky.
Corvo Caldera is frequently covered in clouds. We picked the best day for this trip.

We spent eight days in Flores, which was plenty of time to explore the entire island and hike the most beautiful trails. We planned two additional days just in case we experience rain. If it rains here, it can be a heavy downpour, and you don’t want to leave your accommodation or shelter.

A hiker sitting on a wall and looking to a Faja.
PRC 04 FLO to Faja Lopo Vaz in the south - 3,4 km 

With six nights – five full days you are able to see the most famous spots and waterfalls, go to Corvo, and hike the PR01 FLO. However, we were glad that we had seven days available for Flores. Our last day was the best of all.

A woman climbing with the help of a rope.
This rope was essential on this fishermen trail from Caveira.

I will give you an overview of the Things to see and hikes you should do in Flores.

7 Things to Do in Flores

A hiker at an information board at a viewpoint.
Miradouro da Caveira - from here leads an old fishermen trail down to the sea.

1 Poço Ribeira do Ferreiro

A couple standing in front of Poco Ribeira do Ferreiro
We enjoyed this incredible view.

These waterfalls are the most spectacular and famous ones of the Azores. A walking path of half an hour leads to this breathtaking spot. The wet rocks along the trail are a bit slippery; better wear proper hiking shoes or trail run shoes with good traction. When the beauty of Mother Nature hits you in the core, all the visitors just stood there in amazement, watching the waterfalls cascading into the lake and its mirror. It is hard to capture this feeling and landscape with your camera.

The slippery cobbled stone trail to the waterfalls
These rocks were slippery - shoes with good traction are essential.

We visited Hawaii a few years ago, and this view can beat Kauai. This incredible place is one of the most fascinating ones in the world. On a sunny day, the sunshine lightens up the scenery in the afternoon, but we personally preferred the heavy clouds at the top of the falls creating a mystic atmosphere.
Google Maps Location

2 Miradouro Lagoa Negra e Lagoa Comprida and Caldeira Branca

Lake Negra to the left and Lake Comprida to the right and I in the middle
The green lake to the left is Lagoa Negra (black), with a depth of 113 m

This is another spectacular viewpoint – “Miradouro” to two crater lakes - lagoons at higher elevations. Also, this scenery is too huge to capture with a camera. We took our DJI with a wide angle of Lagoa Negra and Lagoa Comprida. The Negra Lake has a depth of 113 m and is the deepest crater lake in Flores.

Caldeira Branca which is white from he mosses around
This yellow and white patches around the lake are moss carpets soaked with water.

The "Caldeira Branca" is another collapsed caldera with moss carpets in yellow and white which is just beautiful.
Google Maps Location

3 Fajã Grande and the Piscinas Naturais

The natural swimming pool at Faja Grande
Many young people stay in Faja Grande because of the free campground.

This Fajã was developed by lava flow and created a fantastic natural swimming pool in the sea. Like elsewhere in the Azores, ladders and steps give you easy access to this incredibly beautiful spot.

The campground, facilities and bar at Faja Grande.
We spent some nights in our tent because Flores was fully booked.

Opposite the pools is a bar with daily homemade cakes. The owners are super attentive and are taking care of the free campground and the clean facilities.
Google Maps Location

A sunset at the sea watched out of the tent.
The sunset in Faja Grande is awesome.

Fajã Grande is the westernmost point of Europe.

4 Cascata do Poço do Bacalhau – Waterfall in Fajã Grande

Visitors having a bath at the bottom of the waterfall.
Poço do Bacalhau is a beautiful waterfall.

It is a short five minutes walk on a well-maintained path to another breathtaking waterfall. Poco do Bacalhau looks already amazing from a distance but with the pool (poca-puddle) at the bottom even more beautiful.

A canyoneering group in the waterfall.
Watching them abseiling was already thrilling.

This over 100 m high waterfall is perfect for a refreshing bath in super fresh water. This waterfall is also a famous abseiling spot, and we were lucky and watched a canyoneering group.
Google Maps Location

5 PR 1 FLO – Coastal Hiking Trail

A hiker at higher elevation with orange flowers to the right and left..
Faja Grande in the back - view from our track from the south.

This is the most beautiful coastal hike in Flores, offering stunning views of Fajã Grande and Ponta de Albarnaz and its lighthouse. It is not a circular trail; you must either walk the same way back or have organised a shuttle. We saw many hikers a little desperate because when you reach the end of the trail after 6 km/ 3,7 miles, there is nothing just a paved road.

The mystic first part of the trail through old grown trees.
These old trees along the path looked out of a fairy tale.

The hikers were forced to walk to the next village, Ponta Delgada, another 4 km. It is a strenuous hike, always ascending and descending and underestimated by most visitors. 

The trail leads through a dry creek bed like in a tunnel.
This is an old coastal trail which first leads through this lush vegetation in the shade.

Tip: We split the trail and hiked one day from Faja Grande in the south until the highest viewpoint and back. The track is brutally steep from the south and challenging. The next day, we started from the trailhead in the north for the other half of the track and back, which was a moderate hike with less elevation gain.

Trail Sign 7,5 km to Faja Grande
The trailhead in the north.
  • Return trail length: 12 km/ 7,5 miles.
  • Elevation gain: 1200 m/ 4,000 ft
  • Difficulty level: Return hike challenging
  • Rating: This wonderful hike is not to be missed if you are trained a bit.
  • Google Maps Trailhead South
  • Google Maps Trailhead North

6 Santa Cruz das Flores and the Natural Pools in the North

An old building covered with tiles and flowers on the roof.
Beautiful old buildings can be seen in Santa Cruz das flores.

Santa Cruz das Flores is the hub of Flores Island. The airport is here located in the east and also the biggest supermarket Helios. Within walking distance of the airport is another campground for free located with hot showers. All tours from Flores to Corvo start here at the harbour.

Several natural pools and Corvo in the back.
The pools opposite the campground - the Corvo Caldera cloud in the distance.

In the north of Santa Cruz das Flores are two of the most beautiful piscinas naturais - natural swimming pools. These natural pools are accessible on long staircases down to the sea. The crystal-clear sea is full of colourful fish, big parrotfishes, smaller ones, sea stars and vegetation. These pools are excellent for snorkelling.

The smaller harbour and natural pool
The view from our first accommodation of four different spots in eight days.

The location for some of the spots in Santa Cruz das Flores:

An old and huge church in the town centre of Santa Cruz das Flores.
Igreja Matriz de Santa Cruz das Flores

7 Day Trip to Corvo Island

A woman in front of Corvo Caldera on a sunny day
This is the caldera of Corvo, where you can hike into.

There are several operators offering transfer to Corvo. Thanks to our host, she recommended Filho do Mar to us. This company is excellent and walks the extra mile for you.

A waterfall plunges into the sea at Flores.
One of the many waterfalls in Flores.

They offer not only transport to Corvo, we first explored several waterfalls and caves of Flores. They stopped the boat and let us watch the dolphins.

A pod of dolphins between Flores and Corvo
The dolphins were playful and joyned our boat for a while.

On the way back, we couldn’t believe that they were still looking for whales and dolphins without any pressure on the time.

A sperm whale breathing.
We watched the sperm whale until he dived deep down again.

In the distance was a sperm whale, and we approached the whale slowly and carefully and could hear him breathing. Nevertheless, we watched the dolphins and sperm whale with respect without stressing them.

The Fluke of the sperm whale
Sperm whales can dive for more than an hour searching for squid.

Corvo Island is a little overrun during the day with several tour boats from Flores. However, most visitors take a shuttle up to the caldera, take their picture and leave.

Hikers accessing the crater of Corvo.
An absolutely fascinating hike.

Only a few people hiked a part around and into the crater. We took a taxi shuttle up to the caldera rim for 10 Euros return ride for each person and had three hours to explore the caldera. That was perfect and exactly the time we needed to explore the Corvo caldera rim and the crater inside.

The inner crater and lakes of Corvo
We hiked to one of the hills surrounded by lakes and enjoyed our lunch break.

The "Corvo Caldeira" is a collapsed caldera with roughly 2000 m/ 6,560 ft diameter. Luckily, we brought lunch and enjoyed the gorgeous landscape while eating inside the collapsed crater.

The formations inside the caldera.
You only join the crater with cows.

Trail details for Trilho (Hike) PRC 02 COR

The Corvo village and jetty.
Corvo and Flores in the distance.
  • It is a moderate trail of 4,8 km, taking roughly 2 hours with an elevation difference of 160 m/ 525 ft.

Boat Transfer to Corvo

A boat with guests and Corvo in the back.
The boat of Filho do Mar with Fabio Dias and Corvo in the back.
  • Boat tour starting time: 9 am
  • Boat ride to Corvo: usually roughly 45 minutes, it took us longer.
  • Back at Flores: usually at 4 pm, but we arrived later because we watched dolphins and one whale.
  • Thanks to Fabio Dias, our captain and wonderful guide from Flores to Corvo. I highly recommend booking your trip to Corvo with Filho do Mar

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A hiker at a wall with different lava layers.
You can witness that the Azores are of volcanic origin everywhere.

Accommodation Tip Flores - Santa Cruz

There is limited accommodation here in Flores; therefore, the island is not super busy, but finding accommodation at the last minute is hard. We learned our lesson because we camped and slept in three different accommodations: hotel, guest house, and rental cottage in eight days.

A hotel room in Santa Cruz das Flores.
The INATEL Flores Hotel, where we spent one night after several nights in the tent.

However, I highly recommend booking your stay at least half a year in advance if you wish to travel in the peak season in July or August. We spent eight nights here and were forced to move several times and to camp. We loved our short stay in the INATEL Hotel. The beds were fantastic, and we left the window open the entire night.

From my own experience, I recommend staying in the main town in Santa Cruz das Flores. You get easily elsewhere by rental car; there is an excellent supermarket, nice restaurants, and great natural swimming pools - more above Point 6.

19 Best Places in the Azores

19 Things to Do Map for the Azores
My 19 Must-See for the Azores - Map high resolution

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A hiker on an exposed rock at the sea.
This was a short but strenuous hike from the picnic area Merendas da Caveira.
A hikers close to the sea with a trail sign hot water.
Another steep trail in the southwest of Flores at Costa do Lajedo.

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