Gericke’s Point and Swartvlei Beach in Sedgefield Between George and Knysna and Tips by a Local
Gericke’s Point and Swartvlei Beach in Sedgefield Between George and Knysna

Gericke’s Point and Swartvlei Beach in Sedgefield Between George and Knysna

South Africa
South Africa

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Gericke's Point in Sedgefield is a little gem more known by the locals. Most vacationers come from Wilderness and go to Knysna, pass by Sedgefield and ignore this lovely place.

Visitors at tide pools and one man on top of the rock.
You can climb to the top of the lion-shaped rock for spectacular views.

We know Gericke’s Point and the beautiful Swartvlei Beach because our friends Paul and Janet live here. 

Zoom picture from Gericke's Point
The lion-shaped rock formation and Swartvlei Beach

Gericke’s Point is a massive rock formation which looks like a lion and is accessible at low tide only. 

How to get to Gericke’s Point?

Gericke's Point at low tide
Gericke's Point and one of the many tide pools - awesome for a bath.

It is a short drive from the town centre with limited parking. This beach is incredible for sunbathing and swimming. Nevertheless, rip currents occur here.

A few visitors at Swartvlei Beach
Swartvlei Beach and Gericke's Point in the distance.

South Africans come to Swartvlei Beach in the summer but very few oversea tourists. However, this beach and rock formation are great places throughout the year. 

A beach walker on Swartvlei Beach
Most of the beach is covered at high tide.

Parking Gerickes's Point and Swartvlei Beach Google Maps - Restrooms are available at the parking.

Parking Swartvlei Beach
The closest parking for Gericke's Point - to the right are restrooms.

The Swartvlei is accessible on a wooden boardwalk which leads down to the beach. To the right, you can already see Gericke’s Point, the laying lion, in the distance.

A visitor on the boardwalk which leads to Swartvlei Beach
Swartvlei Beach is easily accessible.

You are able to walk on most of the beach during the tides, but you get trapped on Gericke’s Point at high tide. The rock formation is best accessible two hours before and a maximum of two hours after high tide. 

Tide Times Swartvlei Beach-Sedgefield

View from Sedgefield Lagoon Mouth to the beach and point
The other access from the Sedgefield Lagoon Mouth - Google Maps

The beach stretches for 1,6 km until you reach Gericke’s Point and 2,1 km to the Sedgefield Lagoon Mouth, and another 1,4 km to Myoli Beach, but you can continue walking further.

Sea urchins with pink stings
Be careful; there are sea urchins in some pools.

Look into the tide pools along the walk and especially at the rock formations. Several pools are also fabulous for a refreshing bath. In winter, the sea temperature is about 15°C, and in summer, reaching 20°C.

A family in a tide pool.
The tide pools are exciting.

Kids and their parents love these tide pools with plenty of sea life, starfish, sea urchins, anemones, fish, and octopus. We saw several children having fun with their nets. Bring a snorkel and goggles in the summer. These pools are amazing.

Sea life in a tide pool
That was the first time I saw a nudibranch in a tide pool.

You can also walk around the entire rock and to the top for breathtaking views, “Mother Nature at its Best”, and this place is not as crowded as Robberg Nature Reserve or other places along the Garden Route.

What to bring to Gericke’s Point?

A woman looking into a tide pool and holding a mussle
I enjoyed tide pooling at Gericke's Point.
  • Wear Teva or water shoes to climb the lion rock and for walking around on the sharp rocks, also essential to access the pools safely.
  • Sun protection is essential; there isn’t any shelter, and due to the wind, you may not feel the burning sun on your head and skin—my favourite sunscreen is FotoULTRA 100 ISDIN, with the highest available sun protection factor.
  • Bring water and a snack; you will easily spend hours at the pools and enjoy the spectacular views.
  • Bring a towel, your swimsuit in your bag, and maybe a snorkel and goggles to watch the colourful sea life in the pools. Your kiddos will love tide pooling at Gericke’s Rock.

Two pink anemones in a tide pool.

But please only take memories back home and your trash. This beach is well-kept by the locals.

Tip for Swartvlei Beach

Two beach walkers on Myoli Beach
During low tide, you are able to walk from Swartvlei to Myoli Beach.

If you can’t get enough of beautiful Swartvlei Beach, you can either walk in the other direction and continue further until PiliPili Beach Restaurant, a local restaurant and bar or park your vehicle at Sedgefield Lagoon Mouth and start walking along the creek to Myoli Beach, PiliPili and the beaches stretches for endless more kilometres until Buffelsbaai or Buffalo Bay.

The descent from the clifftop walk to Myoli Beach.
This part of Myoli is always accessible.

Also, the part from the river mouth to Myoli is accessible at low tide only, but a clifftop walk exists, too. We walked this part the next day with our friend Paul, who showed us this hidden track.

A mosaic fish at the lagoon mouth
There are plenty of mosaics in Sedgefield.

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Location and Tips

South Africa
South Africa

Sedgefield is located 22 km from Wilderness and 25 km from Knysna and is often overlooked. It is a small town with roughly 8,500 residents, but there is everything you need. A couple of years ago, a huge Spar was built, and Sedgefield is very well known for paragliding.

An orange sunset at the mountains.
We watched plenty of such beautiful sunsets in Sedgefield.

The Sedgefield Lagoon is an excellent spot for bird watching, and we spotted plenty of birds here in the morning and late afternoon.

A kingsher sitting on a street lamp at the lagoon.
A giant kingfisher

Every Saturday, the famous “Wild Oats” Market (Location Google Maps) takes place from 8 am until 12 pm, and people come here for shopping even from Cape Town, which is more than a five hours drive.

The Wild Oats Market information sign.

It's always worth visiting these lovely markets. Enjoy your breakfast here, prepared by the locals.

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A beetle mosaic and two persons sitting in it.
This is a famous spot at the lagoon and great to watch the sunset. Location Google Maps

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