Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island


When Is the Best Time

Kangaroo Island is a year-round destination, although the seasons are quite different. Summer is beautiful warm; therefore, Kangaroo Island is pretty busy and high priced. It's vice versa in the winter. It frequently rains, but the island is not overrun. Expect more precipitation from April to October. Continue reading to figure out which season you may prefer.

Weather and Crowds by Season

Spring ( September-November)

Goanna basking in the sun at Kangaroo Island
Goanna basking in the sun 

Day temps in September are on average around 15°C. Rain decreases in October. Temps increase and reach 20°C in November. Camping is still chilly in the night with Temperatures below 10°C. The wildflower season starts. 

Summer (December-February) Peak Season

Boardwalk at the rugged coast in the Flinders Chase National Park

It's the most popular season with the best weather conditions. The downside almost everything is fully booked and high priced. The temps are on average around 25°C at daytime and 12°C at night. These are the warmest and driest months of the year.

Autumn (March-May)

Kangaroos grazing at dusk on Kangaroo Island

The crowds thin out except for Easter. The island gets its tranquillity back, and wildlife can be observed. The little penguins start nesting. Rain increases already around April, instead, less wind, which causes a calm sea. Day temps in March and April are above 20°C and below in May. Nights are already cool around 10°C.

Winter (June-August) Low Season

Seals on Kangaroo Island

Temps are pleasant for winter around 14°C at daytime and 7°C at night. It frequently rains, but on the other side, clear and sunny days occur. It's the coldest and wettest time of the year. Echidnas may hibernate at this time of the year, depending on the temps. Besides, for those who are visiting KI to see wildlife, winter is the best choice. There is abundant food, and the newborn kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies typically use this season to emerge from their mother's pouches. Whales can be spotted from the shore from May to September. Winter helps keep the sometimes-exorbitant prices of staying on the island much more manageable. Travelling in the off-peak season also leads to lower overall visitor numbers, which adds to the feeling of peace and solitude that can be had at any number of places on KI.

When to Spot Wildlife in Their Natural Habitat

Echidna on Kagaroo Island

  • More active at dusk or they are nocturnal like the possums
  • If it's hot koalas and kangaroos, prefer to rest in the shade
  • Koalas are more active during the breeding season from October to March
  • Goannas may be spotted basking in the sun
  • Echidnas can be spotted throughout the year if it's not too cold during winter

How to Get to Kangaroo Island

You can get ti the island either by plane with Qantas from Adelaide (in 2018 flights were offered from Melbourne during summer) or by ferry from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw in the northeast. The ferry ride takes roughly 45 minutes. If travelling by plane, I recommend renting a car to explore the island independently for a couple of days.

Top Tip and Accommodations on KI

Usually, Kangaroo Island is an expensive destination to visit, especially when adding the prices for transport to the island and back to the mainland plus your accommodation for your stay. Kangaroo Island is too huge and has too many attractions, hikes, and wildlife. Staying at least two, even three nights is highly recommended. We spent here almost a week. Important is the location; you can either camp in the National Park or stay close to the entrance and visitor centre like at Western KI Caravan Park & Wildlife Reserve. Consider from Kingscote it's a 100 km drive one way to the Flinders Chase National Park. Another lovely retreat is the Kangaroo Island WildernessRetreat. One thing is for sure; you will experience wildlife in these remote accommodations on Kangaroo Island. However, much on the island got destroyed in the bushfire in 2019/20 and many animals burnt.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

South Australia

Kangaroo Island is about 70 miles southwest of Adelaide and is Australia's third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. The island caters to all kinds of travellers; adventurists, beachcombers and outdoor lovers will all enjoy visiting the island alone, with a loved one or with the family. Surfing, fishing, swimming, bushwalking, and canoeing are just a few of the popular activities on Kangaroo Island.

Empty beaches during the winter on Kangaroo Island
Peaceful and quiet beaches during autumn and winter

Self-driving around Kangaroo Island (in a campervan or car) is a great way to see the island, and a ferry service from the mainland makes it possible to bring your own car. The climate on Kangaroo Island is very similar to that of the Mediterranean, cool, mild winters with warm summers, though it never really gets too hot or too cold. 

5 Hiking Trails on KI

  1. Remarkable Rocks - Flinders Chase
    It's just a 15 minutes stroll to the famous rocks. Take your time to get your perfect shot. Quite busy during summer. Enjoy the sunset here.
    Remarkable Rocks in the Flinders Chase National Park
  2. Admirals Arch Walk - Flinders Chase
    A short 15 minutes walk to the well-known cave. Watch for seals; they may lay around.
    Admirals Arch Walk in the Flinders Chase National Park
  3. Rocky River Wilderness Trail - Flinders Chase
    Half-Day Hike which takes roughly 3 hours for the 9 km long track.
    Rocky River Hiking Trail in the Flinders Chase
  4. Day Hike to the pristine Hanson Bay Beach
    This is a full day hike which may take 7-8 hours included are photo stops. The trail is 18 km long and not a circular trail.
  5. Two Days Hike to Cape Gantheaume
    If you like to experience the sheer beauty of the island without any other hikers, this may be your trail. It's not a strenuous hike without any heights but pretty long; 36 km. It starts at Bales Beach parking. Several rock formations may remind you of the Great Ocean Road.

If you need more information for hiking on KI have a closer look to all available hikes on KI.

Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin watching tours, as well as swimming with dolphins, are offered by Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures departing from Kingscote and Emu Bay. During the peak season, advanced booking is recommended. 

These wonderful pictures were provided by my friends Umamisky

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