Best Time and 7 Best Beaches - Lanzarote Guide for All Seasons
Best Time and 7 Best Beaches - Lanzarote Guide

Best Time and 7 Best Beaches - Lanzarote Guide


When Is the Best Time

Lanzarote is a great destination throughout the year for those seeking sunshine, fantastic beaches, and a unique landscape. Lanzarote is one of the driest Canary Islands, experiencing precipitation in less than 20 days. Rain is more of a quick shower, and the entire amount of rain is a maximum of 150 ml. All the temperatures mentioned are in the shade, so add some degrees in the sun.

Beaches next to El Golfo in Lanzarote
First beach at El Golfo

Trade winds cause a mild climate and constant pleasant temperatures the entire year. A real winter doesn’t exist, feeling more like a lovely summer, but summer is not too hot because of the breeze. Average day temps are above 20°C throughout the year, excellent for sunbathing. I categorize the seasons slightly different to give you a better overview of what to expect in Lanzarote.

The calm sea at Playa del Pozo
Playa del Pozo is close to Playa Blanca in the south

The peak season lasts from November to April (Easter holidays) when Europeans escape from their colder wintertime. During the summer school holidays in July and August, Lanzarote, especially Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen, and Playa Blanca get busy again, like elsewhere in Europe. Do you only want to know the 7 Best Beaches? Check out my Table of Contents below.

Weather and Sea Temperature for Lanzarote

Surfer at Playa del Pozo
Playa del Pozo next to Papagayo Beach

Like all Canary Islands, the south is a little warmer and drier than the north. Usually, there is always a light cooling breeze. 

Spring (March-May)

View from Mirador del Rio to La Graciosa
View to La Graciosa north of Lanzarote.

Spring is a lovely season, with temperatures ranging from 23-25°C. A shower can occur in March and April, but there is nothing to worry about. May is already completely dry. Night temps are a little cool, around 15°C, and because of the wind, a jacket and trousers may be needed for the evening.

Endemic plants at the Famara cliffs
The Famara Cliffs are home to the most biodiverse plants in Lanzarote.

The sea is still cold from the wintertime, and the water temperature is around 18°C in March and abruptly warms up in mid-April, reaching 20°C. 

Summer (June-October)

The turquoise blue water in the pool of Jameos del Agua
Jameos del Agua

This is a real summer with day temps ranging between 26 and 29°C in the shade. Night temps are around 20°C; however, I would bring a jacket for the evening due to the wind. There isn’t any rain; the first shower occurs in October. The sea temp is climbing from 21°C in June to 23°C in September and October. On scorching days, the wind transports the heat from the hot lava fields, and it feels like being blown by a hairdryer.

Catamaran and sailboat on the sea
Excellent boat trips are offered.

This weather phenomenon occurs for a couple of days only. In September, it is less windy. In October, the light during the golden hour is exceptional, which you must experience by yourself (tip by the local guide Mash).

Autumn (November)

ME between one meter high cactee
Jardin de Cactus definitely another highlight.

November is still warm at 24°C during the day, and night temps are around 17°C. A rain shower or two can happen, but no umbrella is needed. The sea is still pleasant, around 22°C, perfect for swimming, though.

Winter (December-February)

Me standing on a rock at one of the beaches at Malpais de Corona
The evening is a bit colder in the winter.

The winter is a busy season due to the pleasant temps above 20°C. It is cooler at night, around 15°C, but it is a little chilly because of the wind. I prefer a jacket and long trousers during this season. The sun shines on average for 7 hours daily. A shower can occur, most likely at the turn of the year.

Playa Honda lifeguard tower for the peak season
Playa Honda in the evening,

The sea temperature drops below 20°C mid to the end of December but is still pleasant for swimming (IMO). Winter means “Calima” season; the visibility is poor due to the Sahara sand. The wind transports the Saharan haze to the Canary Islands, reaching Lanzarote first.

Orange yellow sunset in the desert during the calima phenomenom
The sunsets are otherworldly during the calima.

Usually, the Calima lasts for a couple of days, but 2022 was different. The calima was hovering over the archipelago for quite a while, with short interruptions from January to mid-March. Nevertheless, the temps are lovely, and due to the calima, it was a little warmer than usual.



7 Must-Visit Beaches and Pools in Lanzarote

Beach next to Charco de los Clicos with people sunbathing

You can sunbathe and swim throughout the year in Lanzarote, also in the wintertime. These are my seven favourite spots spread around the island.

1 Famara Beach – Playa de Famara

The long Famara Beach and Cliffs
Famara is popular for surfing

The yellow Famara Beach stretches for 2.5 km, offering breathtaking views. The beach is excellent for a long walk or a bath. The high Famara Cliffs form a dramatic backdrop to Famara Beach and Dunes.

View from the top of the Famara Cliffs and down to the Famara Beach
The spectacular vertical Famara Cliffs are 23 km long and up to 671 m high.

Famara is famous for its high waves and is an excellent spot for surfers. I do not recommend swimming here, but it is great fun playing with the waves in shallow water. It is quite a walk until the sea gets deep. Nevertheless, be careful with the currents.

The Famara Dunes with srub and the high cliffs in the back
The picturesque dunes at Famara are next to the road.

For me, it is the most beautiful beach and fantastic for a long walk in jaw-dropping scenery. Bring a snack or lunch and a cold beverage, and watch the surfers and kite surfers protected from the wind in stony beach shelters. Famara is also a great place to watch the sunset. Plenty of onside road parking is available, but no restrooms. There is a small supermarket just a two-minute drive to the village.

Location: (Google Maps)

2 Papagayo Beach

The Papagayo Beach even full of sunbathers in the winter
The crystal-clear water is also excellent for snorkelling.

It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water, also excellent for snorkelling. You would not expect such gorgeous beaches on an island where a quarter is covered with lava.

Beaches next to Papagayo
Playa de la Cera - Playa del Pozo - Playa Mujeres

The four beaches, Papagayo, Playa Mujeres, Playa del Pozo, and Playa Caleta del Congrio, are protected from the wind in a nature park without any facilities. Swimming was fantastic, but be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty.

Beach sign at a rock leading to Pozo and Papagayo
All beach accesses are well-marked.

The entrance fee of 3 Euro per vehicle has to be paid at the gate; pedestrians and bikes are free of charge. It’s a gravel, dusty, 6 km long road with potholes to these famous beaches. All beaches are signposted.

Parking on gravel road for Playa del Pozo and Papagayo
There are huge parking lots.

Huge car parks at each bay are available. One restaurant at the clifftop offers a spectacular view, but due to the location, it is always busy. Restrooms are available for guests; others must pay a 1 Euro fee.

Location (Google Maps)

3 Malpais de Corona in the Northeast

Beaches at Malpais de Corona in the north east of Lanzarote
All these white sandy beaches are beautiful and not crowded.

These pristine white sandy beaches protected from the sharp lava rocks look like a Caribbean paradise. The secluded beaches and bays are excellent for swimming. Huge waves crash against the outer lava formations. No facilities, limited parking for free, therefore no crowds. To be on the safe side, wear water shoes for swimming at all three beaches. 

La Caleta (Google Maps )

La Caleta Beach in the Malpais de Corona
Me, going for a swim.

The crystal turquoise blue water and the white sand beaches are spectacular. Malpais de Corona means bead land, but it’s a unique landscape with fascinating plants. It is a quiet beach and perfect for swimming—parking roughly one hundred meters before to the right.

Playa de Caleta del Mero (Google Maps Parking)

Playa de Caleta del Mero
Also excellent for swimming.

We were in awe of what a breathtaking landscape mother nature provides in this area—a picturesque beach with weathered boats and a great spot for swimming.

A long grown yellow sand flower

Due to the small amount of rain in the winter, different plants and flowers were in bloom in the dunes. Opposite the parking is the beach and protected bay. 

Playa Caleton Blanco Google Maps

Playa Caleton Blanco at low tide
Very shallow water at low tide - excellent for children.

Playa Caleton Blanco is the most popular of the three and easier to access with a huge car park just in front. It’s shallow water for 30-40 meters before it gets deeper.

Playa Caleton Blanco plus parking at high tide
The parking in front of the lagoon - picture taken at high tide.

During low tide, even far more to walk. However, this beach, with its lagoon, is perfect for children. I recommend high tide for this lagoon.



4 Playa Honda

Playa Honda in the morning with a volcano on the horizon
Playa del Cable is more or less the beginning of Playa Honda - great for swimming.

Playa Honda is ideally located in the island's centre, close to the airport but unbelievably quiet. Six clean beaches in different size from Playa Guasimeta at the Arrecife airport until Playa del Reducto are connected by a 6 km long seafront promenade that leads to Arrecife City.

Playa Honda with sunbathers during the day
Excellent for swimming and sunbathing - My favourite apartment where we spent one of our four weeks La Concha Boutique Apartments

The longest stretch is Playa Honda. It is more of a residential area without the big resorts popular by locals using the promenade with great views of the sea for their exercises in the morning and evening.

The endless Playa Honda
Playa Honda, where locals play football in the evening.

The promenade and beaches are less busy viewer tourists come to this area. The main beach Playa Honda is watched by lifeguards in the summer. During our stay in the winter, we went to Playa del Cable to swim in the protected bay daily. Showers are available at Playa Honda, perfect for getting rid of the sand before returning. Along the promenade are a number of excellent restaurants and cafés.

Sunrise at Playa Honda - Beach with fishermen boats
The spectacular sunrise along the promenade.

Playa Honda is also a magnificent place to watch the sunrise while enjoying your first coffee in the morning. It's definitely one of my favourite places to be in Lanzarote.

Our dinner at La Orilla Beach Bar at Playa Honda
One of our great dinners with Sangria.

Don't miss out on La Orilla Beach Bar with its excellent fresh tuna bowl and cocktails. It is a beautiful location to chill out in a relaxing atmosphere. 

5 Costa Teguise Beaches

The perfectly located Melia Hotel and it's beach in Costa Teguise
This is the top location for Costa Teguise - There is a huge variety at the buffet and an excellent pool in the Melia Salinas Hotel.

Costa Teguise is a popular destination, lively with some excellent resorts next to the sea and a long promenade. It is less busy than Playa Blanca but not less attractive, located in the middle of Lanzarote.

Golden sand beaches and lava rocks at Costa Teguise
The excellent HD Beach Resort right behind the beach at Playa de Los Charcos

The five picture-perfect golden beaches are excellent for swimming. The main beach is Playa de las Cucharas, with lifeguards on duty, and it is excellent for children.

Beaches and Promenade at Costa Teguise in the evening.
The promenade is excellent for a stroll in the evening.

Restrooms and showers are available. Lots of cafes, shops, and bars are along the strip. It is the third-largest tourist area and is perfectly located to explore the main tourist attractions of Lanzarote.

Teguise town center and church at sunset
Nearby Teguise - A large weekly market is held on Sundays.

Costa Teguise was developed on purpose as an alternative to the south and to host more tourists in Lanzarote in the 70s and ’70s, a ten-minute drive from Teguise.

Location: (Google Maps)

6 Playa del Janubio

Playa de Janubio dotted with sunbathers and beach walker
Janubio is a quiet beach due to its remote location.

This is a small black pebble beach near the desalination "salinas". It is a beautiful spot to watch the sea and sunset. Olivine stones occur here on the pebble beach.

A woman swimming at Janubio
Janubio is a beautiful spot for the sunset, too.

It is unsafe for swimming due to the currents but excellent for a bath. Also, water shoes are essential here because of the bigger rocks in the sea. A huge gravel car park is available but without any facilities. Check out the sunset time for Janubio, and you also get to know when it gets dark in Lanzarote.

Location: (Google Maps)

7 Los Charcones -  Natural Pools

A woman taking pictures at Los Charcones Pools at sunset

The pools are situated in the southwest, half an hour's drive from Playa Blanca. Watching the sunset at Los Charcones or swimming in the natural pools is otherworldly. Swimming or, rather, taking a bath in one of the pools is safe during low tide only on days with a low swell.

A group bathing in the Los Charcones Natural Pools
Always watch the sea when bathing in these pools.

This is not a beach and definitely not recommended for children. Getting here by rental car is tricky on this bumpy gravel road. We had a jeep; therefore, we could reach this fantastic place easily. Google is not updated and leads you the wrong way. These are one-way roads, and you must make a U-turn on LZ 2 north to return to the south and the access road. 

The gravel access road to the natural pools
The rough gravel access road to the natural pools - a warning sign to the right.

Entering these gorgeous natural pools is at your own risk. There are lots of pools along the coast. Even if it doesn’t look dangerous, the waves are treacherous. The wind was too strong during our visit, and the waves were sometimes too powerful, smashing into the pools.

Sunset at Los Charcones Pools
A wonderful place to watch the sunset.

Proper shoes are essential for climbing over sharp volcanic rocks to the pools. We sat here for hours, watched the spectacular scenery and enjoyed the breathtaking sunset. For me, it is one of the most fascinating places, especially on a windy day and on top of not being crowded due to the remote location. 

The rough gravel road and parking at Los Charcones
Our jeep in front of the hotel ruins the furthest you can get by car.

Parking alternative at the desalination plant and a 3 km – 45 minutes long walk. (Locus Map)

Which is the Windiest Canary Island?

The windiest islands are Lanzarote and Fuerteventura; nevertheless, even in the winter, we enjoyed the breeze while hiking on the volcanic surface. Most beaches in Lanzarote are either wind-protected or have stony beach shelters.


3 Accommodation Tips

We visited Lanzarote twice and spent quite a while in Lanzarote to escape the cold winter in our home country. Before I book a hotel or apartment, I always check the rating and the location. These tips are from my own experience from the last winter.

Costa Teguise

Rental apartment with huge balcony
Our rental apartment had an excellent internet performance.

This apartment with two sleeping rooms was very well equipped, newly renovated, super clean, and spacious for a family of four. It is located in the centre of Costa Teguise, a five-minute walk to the beaches, and very quiet. It is situated on the upper level, with an excellent sea view. We felt like being at home in this cosy accommodation.

The luxury Melia Salinas Hotel is next to the beaches and sea.

If you don't want to prepare any meal during your vacation instead of enjoying an excellent buffet for breakfast and dinner, this is my second recommendation. For me, this hotel has one of the best locations next to the sea but is within easy reach of all the sights in Lanzarote. 

Playa Honda

Playa Honda beach and sunbathers
Playa Honda has excellent beaches and great Boutique Apartments at the sea.

These apartments have a fantastic location within walking distance of the restaurants and bars but are not too close to get disturbed at night. Watch the sunrise from your balcony or terrace or swim just in front of your rental home. They are close to the airport of Arrecife but really quiet. You even have an outdoor hot tub, which I appreciate in the wintertime.

Camping Tip

The Papagayo campground will open on Easter 2022, and for the first time, it will remain open throughout the year. This site is quiet and beautifully located, and although accessible on a gravel road, only you can get there with your car or campervan if you drive carefully. Location Campground Google Maps

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips


Although Lanzarote is most famous for its volcanos, the beaches are spectacular and beautiful. We didn't expect to find such awesome spots for swimming protected from the rough sea and currents in easy reach.

Me in the calm sea
I enjoy the sea on a calm day.

Top Tip

Caldera de Los Cuervos view from Montana Negra
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