Most Breathtaking Sunsets on Tenerife

Most Breathtaking Sunsets on Tenerife


When Is the Best Time

Tenerife, the biggest Canary Island, is a fantastic destination throughout the year. However, the summer with the intense sun can be pretty hot. Summer and wintertime are the peak season on the Canary Islands. Watching the sunset is a Must-Do in Tenerife, especially on a cloudy day above the clouds or at the sea when clouds are illuminated by the setting sun.

Sunset on TF38
The picture was taken through the window of the car at 1.800 m elevation.

There are several spots in Tenerife which I highly recommend. Scroll down for the most spectacular sunsets on Tenerife.

Weather and Crowds on Tenerife

Sunset on the Teide plateau and La Gomera in the back
Sunset behind La Gomera

It’s a subtropical climate on the Canary Islands. Tenerife is also called the island of the eternal spring. The winter is pleasant, the summer warm and usually not too hot. The south, like Los Cristianos, is warmer than the north, like Puerto de la Cruz or the Nature Preserve of Anaga. The north and higher elevations experience more precipitation and clouds because of the trade winds from the northeast. As a result, the north has lush green vegetation, and the south is drier. Water is my element, and I like most that you can swim in the sea throughout the year. If you plan to stay in the south in Los Cristianos or Playa de las Americas, add roughly 2 degrees. For the north, subtract 2-3 degrees.

Spring (March-May)

Sunset from the TF 38 Tenerife west

This is a lovely time in Tenerife.  It is not too busy except for Easter. It is a popular time for hiking. Day temps ranging from 20-23°C. Nights are still cool between 15-18°C. Decreasing rainfall in March/April and May is almost dry. After the winter, the sea temp reaches max. 19°C in March, whereas May, is a little warmer max. 21°C.

Summer (June-September)

Calima on Tenerife - sunsets are red and pink
The calima occurs a couple of times each year. Dust and sand are brought from the Sahara to the Canary Islands. Sunsets are even more colourful during these days, but it's hazy the entire day.

Summer temperatures are warm, usually below 30°C; however, temps can top 35°C as well. Summer is a great time for sunbathing and swimming but too hot for hiking. We visited Tenerife in June once, and it was pretty hot during the day, even in the lightest clothes. Nights are pleasant, usually around 20°C. Showers can occur at times, but usually, it's dry. The sea temperature reaches 23°C. July and August are the busiest time for Tenerife. Accommodation prices are the highest in the peak season. Left are the poorly rated and most expensive hotels.



Autumn (October-November)

Sunset in the north west of Tenerife from Anaga
Roque de las Bodegas is fantastic on a calm day. During strong wind, you definitely get wet! If you want to walk to the tip, it is best in your swimming clothes.

The temperatures in autumn are warmer than in spring. October temperatures range from 23-26°C and also the sea is still pleasant around 22°C. It gets a little cooler in November however, these are at least spring temperatures still topping 20°C during the day. Night temps are pleasant slightly below 20°C. The south like Los Cristianos often reaches 26°C whereas Anaga in the northeast is much colder. Usually, the first rain starts in October and is increasing in November. Nevertheless, it is very rare that it rains for days just a couple of hours.

Winter (December-February)

Sunrise with Gran Canaria in the front
An awesome sunrise for a change with Gran Canaria in the back

Escaping the cold winter in Europe is the reason that it gets a little crowded. Day temperatures are pleasant, ranging from 18-22°C and nights roughly from 15-17°C. The winter is the wettest time of the year, but it rarely rains an entire day. Showers can be brief for a few minutes and sometimes for a couple of hours. We experienced downpours just twice in two months. In January and February, almond trees bloom located in higher elevations. Snowfall in higher elevations and on Teide. Sea temp in December and January 20°C and February 19°C.

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Best Located Hotel for Teide 

The one and only hotel on the Teide plateau with view to Teide
The hotel Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide has the best location to watch the sunset as well for hiking Teide next to the cable car!

Top Tours at Teide

To watch the amazing sunset from the Upper Cable Car Station of Teide a VIP Ticket is needed. Climbing Teide is almost impossible. A permit is essential which are usually fully booked many months in advance. To be on the safe side the only option to get to the summit is a guided tour where the permit is included. 



Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Santiago del Teide

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Tenerife

I have to confess that usually, I am not keen to watch the sunset, but Tenerife, with its outstanding spots, is a magnificent exception and we even got addicted. 

TF 38 on the western slope of Teide

Burning Teide and Pico Viejo from TF38
Burning Teide and Pico Viejo view from TF38

We spent an entire month in Tenerife and got the advice from my brother to watch the terrific sunset from TF 38 on the western slope, and he was right. We got blown away by this scenery on 1.500 m elevation. In the end, we watched plenty of sunsets from here; each was different and exceptional. Depending on your accommodation, it may take an hour or so to be at the spot.

Sunset on TF38 above the clouds and new ones rolling in
Above the clouds on TF38 and also clouds in the back at Teide - just jaw-dropping.

Spains highest mountain (3718 m) is the Teide volcano of Tenerife. Even in winter, you have easy access to the Canadas Caldera by rental car if there is not too much snow on the roads. The caldera is about 2000 m high – so pretty much higher than the frequent clouds of the trade winds. On cloudy days you frequently get the chance for an incredible mountain trip – from sea level through the clouds into the bright sunlight above.

"Burning" Teide and Pico Viejo while clouds are rolling in at sunset
"Burning" Teide and Pico Viejo while clouds are rolling in at sunset

Watch the rocky stone formations of the Teide. Take the cable car up, but buy your ticket online in advance to get a space. The cable car ends on 3.555m. A free permit is essential (almost impossible; it has to be booked 3-6 months in advance) to walk the remaining 163 m elevation onto the top of Teide on 3.718 m. Learn something about the historical volcanic eruptions.

Sunset view with La Gomera in the back
La Gomera in the back

Before the sunset approaches, make sure to be on the western side of Teide - at the border of the Parque Nacional del Teide on the road of TF-38, and you may get such stunning views being above the clouds with warm golden light, as shown on the pictures. Another excellent spot is Teide itself. To watch the sunset from the upper cable car station, a VIP ticket is essential.

Sunset from Teide plateau in Tenerife with La Gomera in the back
La Palma in the back

With good visibility, you will also see La Gomera and La Palma. The pines around are fire-resistant and may look a little extraordinary with their new sprouts. If you follow the road down via Chio, you cross the youngest lava fields and pass smaller black craters - travelling through history.

Playa de Benijo

Benijo Beach and Rocks at low tide during the colourful sunset

This beach is settled in the most beautiful landscape on Tenerife in the Nature Preserve of Anaga. Anaga is also a hikers dream. Due to the remote location not pretty busy. However, limited parking, so getting a parking space is tricky during weekends. There are some popular restaurants around visited by the Canarian. It is one of the most spectacular and unspoilt beaches. Watching the sunset here is an unforgettable experience.

Benijo Beach and Rock view from the beach to the most famous rock

We spent an entire month in Tenerife, and this was our favourite one. The best time for Playa de Benijo is sunset during low tide. Most of the beach and also the rocks are inaccessible during high tide. Tide Times Benijo Beach

The Rocks of Playa Benijo

Do you see the guy standing on the rock? His friend took pictures from the highest point of the rock in front of him. Playa de Benijo is also a famous Instagram spot. IMO pretty dangerous!

Mirador Pico del Inglés

View to Teide during sunset from Mirador Pico del Ingles

Anaga is famous for hiking, and the Mirador Cruz del Carmen for spectacular views of Teide. Honestly, it is utterly overrun, and usually, you don't get any parking space. Instead, watch Teide and the sunset from Mirador Pico del Inglés just 5 minutes drive. Google Maps location Just a view locals watch the sunset here. Even weekends are not too busy.

Mirador De Jardina

Mirador De Jardina TF 12 to Anaga for spectacular views to Teide

This picture was taken from Mirador De Jardina at the TF 12 leading from La Laguna to Anaga. The view from here to Teide is also excellent. This outlook is a little busy because everybody is passing by. Google Maps location

Sunrise and Sunset Times Tenerife

Some pictures of TF 38 were taken by my wonderful brother René.

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