5 Best Sunset Spots in Gran Canaria - Location and Tips
5 Best Sunset Spots in Gran Canaria

5 Best Sunset Spots in Gran Canaria


When Is the Best Time

Watching the sunset is always a memorable experience. Gran Canaria has some world-class spots for breathtaking sunsets in a beautiful landscape. Gran Canaria is a fantastic destination throughout the year though summer and Christmas are the busiest and most expensive times.

A man watching the sunset from one of the caves at Cueva de Cuatro Puertas
Cueva de Cuatro Puertas in the east.

Soak in the beauty of this outstanding island and the colourful masterpieces at my five favourite sunset places in Gran Canaria.

People standing on the dunes watching the sunset
Maspalomas Dunes

Try to arrive at least 20 minutes better, half an hour before sunset, to find parking and the best spot for watching the breathtaking sunset. Don’t leave too early after sundown and watch the changing sky, the twilight, and even more intense colours.

The twilight view to Roque Bentayga and Teide in the back
Roque Bentayga and Tenerife with Teide are on the horizon.

We always stay roughly 20 minutes longer to enjoy the jaw-dropping twilight scenery. Sunrise sunset times Gran Canaria


Do you wish to know the best time - the best beaches - the best hikes, check out my additional articles.

Hotel Recommendation 

Restaurant of a hotel in the heart of Gran Canaria offering exceptional views.

We spent an entire month in the south close to the sea. My brother instead had chosen a hotel in the heart of Gran Canaria. He mentioned it was perfect for watching outstanding sunrises and sunsets and also in proximity to Roque Nublo and Pico de la Nieves. Some of the best hiking trails of Gran Canaria are situated here. Hotels in San Bartolomé de Tirajana via booking.com

Hikers on an exposed rock in the centre of Gran Canaria

I recommend staying a couple of days in the heart of Gran Canaria and the rest of the time at the sea which is time-saving. It is at least an hour drive on narrow winding roads to get to the mountainous area.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Canary Islands, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is located southeast of Tenerife and is the third biggest Canary Island after Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

Playa Amadores in GC with emerald blue sea water and white beach
Playa de Amadores in Puerto Rico in the southwest - 5 Best Beaches Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is popular for its outstanding white sandy beaches in the south and a pleasant climate even in the winter. We spent an entire month on Gran Canaria and fell in love with the island and the sunsets.

5 Best Sunset Spots

Gran Canaria Map with highlights and beaches
Sunsets, Beaches, and Hikes - Printable Map High Resolution

1 Mirador de Degollada Becerra - Centre Google Maps 

Watching the sunset from high elevation to the mountains until Tenerife and Teide was my favourite place of all. The are several outlooks – mirador – for this spectacular experience like Mirador Cruz de Tejeda.

View from Mirador Cruz de Tejeda
Viewpoint Cruz de Tejeda near Roque Bentayga.

They all have limited parking only, therefore, arrive at least half an hour before. The viewpoint Mirador de Degollada Becerra is located on a high elevation of 1.500 meters above sea level. Bring a warm jacket or fleece pullover also long trousers.

Sunset view to Roque Nublo
View to Roque Nublo to the left.

Temperatures drop significantly when the sun sets. If you can't visit this viewpoint for the sunset, then make a stop here during the day. Soak in this majestic landscape the best mirador - lookout of all in Gran Canaria.

2 Maspalomas Dunes - South Google Maps

Red and pink sunset clouds and the dunes of Maspalomas
The mesmerizing Maspalomas Dunes

The dunes are one of the must-sees and explore sights with a desert vibe you won’t expect on the Canary Islands. The Maspalomas Dunes are exceptional throughout the day and famous for memorable sunsets.

Three people on the top of the Maspalomas Dunes
People are spread so it feels like being alone.

Parking can be an issue in the evening, so arrive earlier and hike through the dunes before. The dunes are famous for watching the sunset; however, if you don't mind walking, you may find beautiful places for your own. I

The Maspalomas Dunes and the Maspalomas lighthouse
Faro de Maspalomas to the right.

It is frequently windy here, so bring a jacket for watching the sunset. If you wish to know more about the unique dunes, read my complete Maspalomas Dunes Guide.

3 Cueva de Cuatro Puertas - East Google Maps

Sunset at the caves Cueva de Cuatro Puertas
The rocky path to Cueva de Los Pilares.

Do you wish to watch a more secluded sunset with viewer people? Sitting on a rock in thrilling scenery and enjoying a sundowner? Then the caves "Cueva de Cuatro Puertas" in the east close to the airport may be your spot. 

An archeological site on the reddish brown Montana Bermeja
A marked circular trail leads to all archaeological sites.

Although a short walk, only proper shoes are recommended for the rocky trail. The caves are exposed located, and it is frequently windy here, and when the sun sets it's getting cold here.

Cueva de Cuatro Puertas
This cave is located at the entrance.

The caves are from archaeological importance dug by the native Canarian more than 500 years ago. They are located on the Montana Bermeja, which means the reddish-brown hill, a cultural heritage site since 1972. These caves were housing areas, cattle shed, and granaries. Cuevas de Cuatro Puertas means the caves of the four portals. It is presumed this cave, in particular, was a cattle shed.

Cueva de Los Pilares
Cueva de Los Pilares are a 500 m walk from the parking

The bigger caves, the Cueva de Los Pilares - Cave of the pillars, were housing areas. There are various interpretations for these caves, but one thing is for sure they are an exceptional place to escape the hustle and bustle for an amazing sunset.



4 Playa de Guayedra - West Google Maps

Sunset on the clifftop of Playa de Guayedra
The sunset view above Guayedra beach.

It is a quiet and charming beach remotely located close to Agaete in the western part of Gran Canaria. Actually, it is more or less a nude beach. Due to the surf and the strong current, I can't recommend swimming here. Lifeguards do not patrol the lovely beach.

Playa de Guayedra view from the top to the black sand beach
Guayedra with rocky beach shelter.

During low tide, a wonderful black sand beach appears. At high tide it more of a rocky beach but there are plenty of places to sit or lay down. Very limited parking and a 20 minutes - 1.2 km walk are required - Trailhead Google Maps . We parked our car at the road GC 200 shortly before Agaete Google Maps.

View up to the parking from the beach
The close parking in the middle.

There is a closer parking just 5 minutes walk, but the road is slightly scary to get down with your rental car. There aren’t any facilities, no water or food available.

View to the high cliffs from the beach
The spectacular landscape in the northwest.

Take everything you need before you walk to the beach. We spent the afternoon at the beach and watched the sunset from the higher clifftop.

Sunset on higher elevations to Guayedra
The sunset view from the walking path to Guayedra

Towering mountains and cliffs offer jaw-dropping scenery at sunset and best of all we had the place for ourselves.

5 Mirador Astronómico de la Degollada de las Yeguas Google Maps

Sunset view to Barranco de Fataga
Barranco de Fataga

This lookout is just a 10 km drive north of Maspalomas on the GC 60. We stopped here completely by chance coming from Roque Nublo. It was a one-hour drive - 30 km on narrow winding roads and I became carsick. A rest was needed, and it turned out to be an excellent viewpoint on our drive back to our rental house at the coast.

Information board for stargazing
It is well explained which stars are where and when.

We were in awe of these magnificent views. Plan some time for this fascinating viewpoint and arrive before sunset. Read the introductions and details for stargazing in the night, watch the sunset, and then the outstanding night sky without light pollution. Try to find the polar star "Polaris", and you easily may find the Ursa Major and the Ursa Minor. It is all very well explained with information boards.

The view down to the canyon and the hiking trail leading through it
Barranco de Fataga during the day

It is a semi-desert-like vegetation and, even in the winter, it is hot during the day. A hiking trail leads through the canyon "Barranco de Fataga" which you see from the lookout and my sunset picture.

The most breathtaking sunset spots are spread around Gran Canaria. Of course, there are more places to watch the sunset. I like how the twilight and the landscape merge into a colourful piece of art. 

5 Best Tours in Gran Canaria


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