Nazare - Big Waves

Nazare - Big Waves


When Is the Best Time

Nazare, Praia do Norte became famous for the biggest waves ever surfed at the Big Wave Awards Contest with world records between 80-100 feet/ 24-30 meters. The "Big Wave" season starts in October and lasts until March. The best time with the highest chance of watching these waves occurs between November to February. The surf contest date is published just two days in advance. Nazare Praia do Norte Webcam

A Brazilian surfer on a big wave in Nazare
There is luck needed to surf the perfect big wave.

The waves can be seen from Praia do Norte close to the cliff-top ford and lighthouse. On December 22, 2019, were the highest waves ever forecasted with up to 37 meters. Continue reading how to get the most out of your stay at Praia do Norte!

Update January 10, 2022: Bigger waves were expected for Saturday, January 8 and almost 20 m/ 65 feet high waves were built up by the underwater canyon. All famous surfers like Scooby who I met once, Cotty, Rodrigo Koxa, Nic Von Rupp, Maya, Chumbo and many more were there at Nazare waiting to catch on of the XXL-Waves. It was crazy out there in the waves full of power although there wasn't any wind and again it was a day with wipeouts. Three wipeouts one dangerous happened but thanks god no one got seriously injured. It was another epic day although not a day for new records but the season continues.

A surf ride on a big wave
My breath was taken away during the contest.

Update December 9, 2021: 20 feet/ 6 m high waves were expected for Wednesday, December 8. Due to the unique canyon, these waves could grow to those peaks of +15 m, but the strong wind may blow the waves down, and the wind did. But the sea was rough and wild,  and Alemao, one of the jet ski drivers, got whipped out. At the same time, Andrew Cotton "Cotty" was on the sled. He climbed from the sled to the driving seat and got washed away with the next massive wave into the "dead zone" the worst spot possible. Alemao could get to the beach while Cotty was trapped between the rocks until he escaped and got rescued. Again such a thriller with a happy end. I hope it will always end like that. 

Lots of visitors on top of the lighthouse.
It's busy when one of this rare contests take part.

It’s a unique experience to see surfers among these massive waves. It’s one of the most difficult places to predict the conditions. The annual surf event with the best surfers from all over the world takes part between mid-October to late February. If “Giant Waves” are predicted, and the surfers arrive at Praia do Norte, it’s an exciting spectacle to watch the surfers getting towed with the jet ski into the next monster wave.

High-speed jet skies are essential.

The exact date for the surf contest is published just two days in advance. Monitor the wave forecast here: Big Waves Surf Forecast - scroll down and look for the wave height in feet. It is interesting with 10 m = 33 feet which can grow much bigger due to the underwater canyon. It starts to become exciting with at least 15 m = 50 feet and can become thrilling. This is something you never know days in advance.

A monster wave behind a surfer in Nazare.
Watching these monster waves is a once in a lifetime experience.

The tuned jet skis have 300 hp for this kind of sport "Tow Surfing". These waves are so powerful and fast that paddling is impossible. To figure out how to increase the chance to catch a day where surfers riding those massive waves continue reading for details. You’d like to know the real story about the world record in January 2018 and the 100 million times clicked video? 

Big Wave Award Winner 29. October 2020

The last surf contest in Nazare took part on 29. October in 2020. The winner of the Big Wave Award, probably with a new world record, is my favourite surfer:

  • Sebastian Steudtner from Germany living in Nazare. It is his third Award already. He also won in 2010 and 2015. The exact height is not clear yet. Pictures and videos are analyzed for it. In an interview, Sebastian mentioned it might be a new world record. He never ever was that fast on his board. 
  • Update late November 2021: The Big Wave Season started but is currently without Sebastian. He has an injury to his left foot, calf. He is training hard but can't take part right now. Hopefully, the big waves will appear not before January 2022. Get well soon!

Accident Surf Contest in February 2020

One surfer but three jet skies for safety reason
There are always several jet skies for safety reasons. 

On February 11th, 2020, during the tow surfing challenge in Nazare, a severe accident happened to the Portuguese surfer Alex Botelho. After a wipeout, he got rescued with a jet ski, but the next massive wave let him and Hugo Vau fly off the jet ski. Crisscross waves occurred, crashed together, and pushed both high up into the air. He got rescued unconscious. Alex was without breathing for 10 minutes and survived without any brain damage. Luckily, he is fully recovered now.

There is a big team for safety reasons in the water.
There is a big team in the water in case of an emergency.

No one died so far during this surf competition, and hopefully, it continues without any fatalities. 

When Do These Waves Occur? 

Surfer jumping on top of a monster wave in Nazare
This contest makes you stunned. 

The Big and Giant Waves appear between October and March but are most likely to happen from November to February. These waves are not predictable far in advance on short notice only with the current technology for forecasting conditions. Predictions are accurate for three days only. To experience the big waves, you must monitor the forecast. Either you are flexible, or you spend your vacation in Portugal as we did.

Massive Waves in Nazare
It is incredible to spot such massive waves.

We spent some time in Porto and north of Spain in Galicia to visit the popular Cathedral Beach. We monitored the waves forecast each day, and when we figured out there is a high chance for giant waves, we drove the entire way from Galicia to Nazare back. Such a big event does not often happen, so we took the chance. When we arrived in the Zulla Nazaré`s Surf Village (Highly recommended, as it's outside the crowded area! IMPORTANT: Book in advance!) popular among surfers within walking distance to Praia do Norte, we got told that several surfers from Brazil arrived the day before.

The Zulla Surf Village in Nazare

At this moment we’d known it was the right decision to come here. Another opportunity; spend your vacation in Lisbon, Sintra and the surroundings and monitor the forecast. Visit the new longest footbridge in the world Arouca 516 which is less busy in the winter. Follow the link to figure out the estimated wave height and daytime: Big Waves Surf Forecast It’s just 1.5 hours drive north of Lisbon. Even if all accommodations are fully booked, it doesn’t take so long to come to Nazare from the Lisbon surroundings.

What Causes and Indicates These Huge Waves

The exhibition explains the underwater canyon
Don't miss out on the exhibition in the lighthouse. 

The north, deep water canyon of Nazare reaches a depth of 5000 m and is 230 km long. This canyon generates and amplifies such waves up to 100 feet / 30 meters in height. There are 4 key factors in particular that indicate these enormous waves:

  • Wave size > 3 meters 
  • Wave period > 13 seconds 
  • North Atlantic storms during autumn and winter bring swells to the canyon 
  • Incoming tide makes the conditions even better
My Personal Guesthouse Tips

Casa Artelena half an hour drive to Nazare

Portugal is my second home country due to my family living around Lisbon and Estoril. If you’ve never been to Portugal before here are our recommendations on how to get the most out of your stay. First of all, traveling in Portugal is more convenient by car. Rental cars are much cheaper in the winter season.

Choose one of our favourite casas “guesthouses” located in a uniquely beautiful landscape close to Nazare but Lisbon and Sintra as well. Stay here the entire vacation to explore the fantastic country. Monitor the forecast for giant waves and in the meantime visit Praia da Ursa, Montserrat Palace, and Torre de Belem to mention just a view of the many outstanding locations nearby.

  • Casa Artelena the guesthouse is peacefully located in the countryside. It’s just half an hour drive to Nazare. Your host Artur is looking after you with a warm delicate touch. He prepares a delicious breakfast each morning. It is spotless clean here and very nicely furnished. You couldn’t wish for better.
  • Azen Cool House This guesthouse has an excellent location in proximity to Lisbon, Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Praia da Ursa, and Praia da Adraga. It’s a stunning place with a great view of the ocean. Your fresh and tasty prepared breakfast is included. It’s a huge guesthouse with a winter garden, game room, and even a tennis and padel court. Have you ever played padel? It’s a mixture of tennis and squash. An excellent restaurant and the beach is just a short stroll from Azen. Sam and Tiago are fantastic hosts.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Lisbon, Nazare

You always wanted to watch those massive waves, the biggest waves in the world? I show you how you can make it happen. There is no guarantee, but we were successful during our wonderful vacation in Portugal in the winter. Escape the cold, enjoy the mild climate in Portugal and monitor the wave forecast.

Nazare - Paria do Norte - Beach
Praia do Norte on a sunny day in winter.

Nazare is a fishing town with 10.000 residents. It’s the most popular place in Europe to watch Big Waves. The first big surfing event and the competition was held in 2016, then twice in 2018. Surfers may be present in town like Sebastian, who is living in Nazare but usually, you can watch them surfing only when big waves are forecasted.

Many people watching the Giant Wave Competition in January 2019
People watching the Giant Wave Competition from the lighthouse area

Who Surfed the Biggest Wave Ever?

Info board about Garrett Mc Namara
The exhibition in the lighthouse.

Garrett Mc Namara put Nazare on the map when he surfed 78 feet / 23.78 meters high wave. The mayor of Nazare sent e-mails with pictures and videos to several famous Big Wave Surfers in 2009. Garrett was the one who came to Nazare and made it famous. The first surf competition took place in 2016 and continues.

Surfer riding a massive wave and one on front of him is already crashing
It is as impressive as it looks in my pictures.

In 2018 it was said that Rodrigo Koxa got the world record with 80 feet/ 24.38 meters high wave, but it was the ride of Sebastian Steudtner which went viral with a hundred million clicks on social media. It’s hard to say who exactly surfed the biggest wave because it’s impossible to measure the height exactly. Pictures are used to determine the exact wave height. There can be a difference of up to 3 meters. However, one thing is for sure; the Nazare Canyon creates the highest and most spectacular “Freak Waves” due to the unique topographic.

A surfer is catching a high wave.
A surfer is never alone when riding a wave.

It’s tough intensive training for the surfers; they need to be mentally fit and having the right sponsor in place. Their safety equipment is their insurance to survive. Sebastian moved from Hawaii to Nazare in 2012. I think he knows the waves of Nazare best, and one day he will break the record or perhaps he already did in October 2020. That’s for sure. He was nominated again for surfing the biggest wave in 2019 and won in October 2020.

The massive wave which was ridden by Sebastian Steudtner in January 2018

It’s a hellman job to conquer the biggest waves with speed up to 80 km/h, risking their life but this is what many surfers make alive. Serious injuries are part of surfing giant waves. Luckily, no one died in Nazare yet. The British big wave surfer Andrew Cotton had a horrific wipeout in 2017 and broke his back. Luckily, he recovered completely. Needless to say, he’d been back to Nazare already.

Scooby wet after the surf event
Scooby; Pedro Vianna wearing lots of protection.

In February 2017, the professional surfer Pedro Vianna called “Scooby” from Brazil came to Nazare for the biggest predicted swell instead of celebrating carnival in Rio. But the swell was not perfect due to onshore winds dangerous choppy whitewater was created. NatGeo called the large but hazardous waves “Big Ugly”. What happened Scooby lost control and fell from the board in the dangerous zone.

A surfer picked up from the jet ski
It's dangerous for both of them.

He got picked up by his friend Lucas, but the jet ski capsized in the choppy water when the next monster wave built up. They were captured in the white sea waves. It was a dramatic rescue in the death zone close to the rocks in front of the lighthouse. It’s truly epic here in Nazare, and coming so close to the most experienced surfers during an event is just unforgettable.

Where to Stay for a Perfect View 

The lighthouse in front of the monster waves.
You can't get closer than on the lighthouse to watch this unique contest.

Stay either below the lighthouse or behind the north beach in the dunes to be on a higher elevation. A dirt road leads down to the beach and dunes but be careful during high tide and massive waves. If a contest takes place, a platform is built in front of the dunes. 

A man with zoom camera is taking a picture of a big wave.
Patience is necessary until the surfers start the contest.

Nazare's Beach is separated by a massive rock formation where the lighthouse is situated. The most dramatic-looking pictures are taking from far away with a zoom camera. If you see the lighthouse in front of the waves, it's taking from far above. To watch this spectacle, you need to be much closer. The southern part is a calm beach though the north impacted by the deep canyon in the Atlantic.

Nazare south beach on a sunny day.
Nazare south beach is packed with tourists and locals in summer

At the south beach, you can swim in the summer, and the beach is packed with tourists. The north beach has high waves during winter that the surfers have to be towed in by jet ski. It’s incredibly tough when bodyboarders encounter giant waves without any support.

Nazare Lighthouse and Museum

Lots of surf boards in the exhibition in the lighthouse.
The boards from the most famous surfers. The black one in the back is from Sebastian.

You pay one Euro entrance fee for a closer look into the clifftop ford and its museum. The exhibition explains the topographic exception of the Nazare canyon and how these monster waves get amplified. Lots of boards of the most famous big wave surfers can be seen as well.

A surfer gets hit by a big wave.
These waves are unpredictable. Do you see the surfer struck by the wave?

You have a spectacular view from the top of the lighthouse to the north and south beach. Well-made shirts of Nazare; Praia do Norte are sold at the entrance. We couldn't resist and bought one for a friend and us as well. It's a fantastic memory for this breathtaking place.

Packing List

People in winter clothes on the lighthouse watching big waves.
A warm jacket and a beanie are essential.

You may spend hours waiting plus watching the big wave surfers; you need to be prepared. There is a strong and chilly wind. 

  • water and a snack, there isn't anything available
  • wind- and rainproof jacket, you may wait for hours
  • zoom camera, it is more in the distance than it looks in pictures
  • binocular
  • patience, you may wait for hours until they start surfing

My Restaurant Tip

Restaurant A Celeste in Nazare
Monkfish skewer - delicious and needed after hours in the cold.

Afterwards, we were starving and went to A Celeste for fresh seafood. We couldn't believe who also had lunch there; the three Brazilian surfers and their families. 

All pictures were taken by my husband Markus and me during the contest and a week before.

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