Zion Narrows Hike From Temple of Sinawava – Detailed Season Guide & 9 Tips
Zion Narrows Hike From Temple of Sinawava – Detailed Season Guide

Zion Narrows Hike From Temple of Sinawava – Detailed Season Guide

United States
United States

When Is the Best Time

The Narrows are changing the entire day by the sunlight in the magical Zion. Zion National Park is otherworldly; I am always impressed by the beauty with its high Navajo sandstone formations in white, yellow, and bright orange, and I am not alone in this feeling. I will give you all details for each season for the Narrows Hike, what to pack and tips for an outstanding day in a stunning landscape. Photo all highlights of Zion named outside of the Information Centre. 

Shimmering light in the Narrows

Zion has become increasingly crowded in recent years and is even more popular than Yosemite National Park. Nowadays, visitor numbers top the 5 million, although the park is five times smaller than Yosemite. 

Lots of hikers early morning in the Narrows
The beginning of the Narrows.

Since Observation Point was closed from the rockslide three years ago and for Angels Landing (check out how you get a permit), a permit is required, the Narrows have become one of the main highlights for visitors in Zion.

Narrows at the beginning
Still pretty busy in the afternoon.

I would say at least 80% of the visitors come to the Narrows. This means if you take the shuttle at 8 am, which is early, IMO, you wade and scramble through the Virgin River together with hundreds of people. Honestly, I’ve never experienced a place so crowded as the Narrows.

How Much of the Narrows Hike Is in Water?

People wading through the ankle deep to waist-deep Virgin River.
We were crisscrossing - looking for the best way through the Narrows from the beginning.

It definitely depends on the season, the snowmelt and the amount of rainfall. Nevertheless, it is a riverbed track, and the majority of the trail leads through the Virgin River Some patches to the right or left may be dry, but I wouldn't count on that.

9 Tips for the Narrows Hike

Waterproof Gear for the Narrows Hike
My Merrell water shoes, neoprene socks, and waterproof bags for camera and clothes.
  1. In winter and spring, a neoprene wetsuit or even a drysuit are necessary but are definitely uncomfortable for hiking. You are able to rent this equipment at Zion Outfitters right by the Visitor Centre in Springdale.
  2. I recommend neoprene socks for all seasons. Protect your feet from the cold if you wish to hike the Narrows until Big Spring. It sounds strange, but it works; wear these neoprene socks plus merino wool socks in your shoes. We did this for three water hikes in a row.
  3. Proper water shoes with good traction - not Teva - protect your toes from the boulders in the riverbed. 
  4. At least one hiking pole for balance on the rocky, slippery, uneven riverbed full of boulders - usually, the river is gently flowing, but if you walk knee-deep against the river flow, it is challenging not to fall. Some potholes are waist-deep, which meant swimming for me, or if rivers confluence, it'll be challenging to continue. The Virgin River is a confluence of the North Fork of Virgin plus Goose Creek, Kolob Creek, and Deep Creek. Another reason for hiking pools is the clarity of the river. If the water is murky after heavy rainfall, it is more challenging to navigate through it.

    A hiker at a waterfall at the beginning of the Narrows
    I wear water shoes, neoprene socks, and hiking poles.
  5. Carry a waterproof backpack to be on the safe side for your valuables, camera, food, and extra clothes; either the water holes are too deep, or the riverbed surface is too slippery. You never know.

  6. Warm clothes and extra dry clothes in the waterproof bag or backpack. Even in the hot summer with temps above 100°F, it is cooler inside the slot canyon. For such hikes, I prefer Merino wool clothes. You still stay warm even if you are wet. Pack an extra layer, even if it is scorching outside of the canyon. It still takes time to get back to your car.
  7. Do you want to capture these splendid moments with your mobile? Don't forget a waterproof phone pouch. This is definitely a "lifesaver". 
  8. During such strenuous hikes through a river, drink plenty of water with electrolytes for new energy throughout the adventure.
  9. Always take a headlamp just in case your hike takes longer than expected.

You are also able to discover the Narrows guided, and all essential gear is provided. Just follow the link, tour prices are at no extra cost: Narrows Guided Tour - Thx for your support!

How Early Should You Arrive at Zion National Park?

Zion Canyon Walls

Come as early as possible. You already have to line up for the first shuttle at 7 am. Some websites mention you should arrive shortly before 7 am to avoid the crowds, but this is no longer a golden rule for Zion.

Visitors line-up at the bus station at the visitor centre
Mid-week, fewer people line up for the shuttle bus.

Nowadays, Zion is crowded from spring to autumn, and it is worst in the peak season, the summer, from June to August. Spring and Fall are less overrun but still busy, which is the reason why the shuttle bus service was implemented for these seasons. The only quiet time is in the winter, from December to February, but road closures occur, and the Narrows are frequently closed. 

How do you get into Zion at the South Entrance?

Already early morning lots of visitors access the Narrows
We were lucky mid-week; it is busier on weekends.

What is happening in Zion is insane, especially at the south entrance. Even at the end of September, the car access gets already closed at 10.30 am on Mondays, the "crazy Monday". So either come very early or take the free shuttle bus from Springdale. Also, bikes and pedestrians get into the park. The entrance is closed for vehicles only. 

Best Daytime

The Narrows

If you wish to visit the Narrows with all its beauty in solitude, you have to get the first shuttle in the morning at 6 am in the summer. This recommendation was given by Ryan and Vanessa from Arizona, who we met the day before at the Subway. This is definitely hard to do, and our newly renovated hotel, My Place in Hurricane, wasn't far, but we had to Park the car and take the shuttle first. They booked the only existing lodge; the Zion Lodge, inside of the stunning National Park.

The Wall Street with three backpackers in the Virgin River
The Narrows at its best at Wall Street.

However, do the Narrows, you definitely get your moments; the further you get, the quieter it’ll be. Zion National Park is an excellent destination open to the public throughout the year. Every season is utterly different, and for the “Zion Narrows Hike,” it is almost impossible to avoid the crowds.

The crowded Narrows at the beginning of the track
It is more of a pilgrimage already at 8 am.

Proper preparation is key for the Narrows in all seasons. In spring and fall, everything is possible, the summer is usually hot and dry, but thunderstorms can occur, and the Virgin River level increases rapidly. The winter is cold and icy, and the river level can be even higher, but it is the quiet season in Zion, and cars are allowed to access the National Park.

The Narrows with ankle deep water in the first mile

I will give you an overview of what to expect in the Narrows and how to prepare for each season and month. However, there is never a guarantee and watching the weather forecast is essential. Always Safety First!! 

You are also able to discover the Narrows guided, and all essential gear is provided. Just follow the link, tour prices are at no extra costs: Narrows Guided Tour - Thx for your support!

When sunlight reaches the canyon walls vegetations grows
Rare sunlight lets plants grow in the Narrows.

The best time to hike the Narrows in Zion is the summer, from late June until July and again in September because of the lower water level and warmer temperatures. Remember that the summer has a high risk of thunderstorms and flooding, especially in late July and August. From mid-September onwards, it is less busy in Zion, and temperatures are still pleasant, reaching almost 80°F/ 27°C.

Narrows Long Closure in 2023

The Narrows finally reopened on June 19 after an extended closure period due to the snow records and rain. However, the water level is still high, and the Narrows is a risky and demanding hike.  Are you looking for a safer alternative? Check out the nearby Kanarra Falls.

What Are the Narrows and How Were They Formed?

A part of the Narrows where sunlight hits the ground a tree is growing
Such sunny weather is a gift for the hike.

The Narrows are the most minor – narrowest section of the Zion Canyon. Hiking through the Narrows means walking upstream through the Virgin Riverbed. The Narrows are a breathtaking slot canyon with towering Navajo Sandstone walls only 20 feet apart.

The dark and high walls of the Narrows
It is damp in the shade of the Narrows.

Sunlight reaches the riverbed in the canyon rarely, which causes a cooler and subterranean climate. The Virgin River formed the Narrows. The river had cut through the sandstone, and this process still continues.

The Narrows Hike for Each Season

Two hikers with rented gear in the colder season
My friends rented the gear in April.

Always keep in mind the water temperature of the Virgin River is cold, and good protection to prevent you from hypothermia is essential. The Narrows is closed for safety reasons if a flash flood warning is issued. Flash floods by thundershowers are most likely to happen in the afternoon. Due to the high elevation of Zion and the Narrows, about 4.500 ft/ 1.300 m, nights cool down, and the winter is freezing. 

Spring (April–May) - High Cold-Water Level

A deeper section and pockets waist deep in the Narrows
It is challenging to wade through even during a lower Virgin River level.

It is not predictable if the Narrows are open in spring; they are frequently closed when the snow melts from late March until mid-May. Snowmelt and precipitation determine the height of the river level. However, in 2021 the Narrows were not closed due to the low amount of snow in the winter. In April 2022, closures occurred, and in 2023 Zion experienced records of snow. Nights are still freezing. The Narrows remain closed until the Virgin River level permanently decreases below 150 cubic feet per second (CFS). What does it mean exactly? 

Muddy brown river water despite the sunny day
Murky water after rain makes hiking more challenging - you can't see the ground.

According to a park ranger, it is already challenging walking against the current at 70 CFS and I agree. We hiked through the Narrows at 30.9 CFS and this was already difficult in parts.

Information Board about the river flow and temp of Virgin River
Photo and information from mid-June.

So, if the level ranges above, it is demanding, tricky, and challenging with waist-to-chest deep pools. The water temperature after the winter is cold as hell. Know your limits - don't get carried away by the Virgin River!

Summer (June-August) - Lowest Level

The crystal clear and blue Virgin River with two hikers in the back
Sunlight reaches this part rarely, and a cooler and subterranean climate also occurs in summer.

June is a safe bet that the Narrows are open. Usually, the summer is scorching, but it is pleasant in the cooler slot canyon during the river hike. Daylight hours are longer, 14-15 hours, giving you plenty of time for the Narrows Trail. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and ask a ranger at the information centre first for the UpTo Date conditions before entering the Narrows because of the flash flood potential. The river can easily double and triple in volume. Water temp mid-June 2022 was 53°F/ 11°C.

Fall (September-October) - Low to Medium Level

Deep pockets where people struggle to get through
A key spot with at least waist-deep water before Big Spring.

September may be the best month for the Narrows Hike with the lowest water level, but avoid the Labour Day Weekend and all other weekends from Friday to Monday! Zion is still crazy busy, and the south entrance gets frequently closed to cars. You can still walk bare-legged in September but not any longer in October. It is already colder, and rainfall is increasing. Pack several layers to stay warm in the cold water and rent waterproof equipment.

Winter (November-March) - Cold High Water Level

The towering walls in the Narrows - Zion
Deep blue skies can occur in winter.

November to March experiences the highest precipitation, increasing the water level. Sub-zero night temperatures and the Virgin River is cold as hell. If you plan to explore the Narrows in the winter, the quietest time, please visit the park’s visitor centre the day before.

A family in the Narrows with the right winter equipment
We met a few Narrows visitors and all reported they could withstand the cold for 30-60 minutes only.

Rent the right equipment and be extra prepared. Do not risk hypothermia and injuries. Keep in mind days are much shorter, around 10 hours only. In late November 2022, a woman died of hypothermia; her partner was rescued. 

One hiker in the Narrows with icicles on either side.
It is cold as hell in the Narrows without sunshine in the winter.

I personally wouldn't explore the Narrows in winter. It is far too dangerous, too cold, and you can't warm up from the sun because it almost doesn't reach the ground.

Tip: Check out the daylight hours before entering the Narrows. Sunrise-Sunset Times

Permit Narrows Zion

The famous rock and view of Angels Landing in Zion
Angels Landing learn all to win a permit easily!

A permit is needed for Angel’s Landing, The Left Fork North Creek, and the Subway Cave Hike, but not for the Narrows! If you plan to hike upstream from the Temple of Sinawava, no permit is requested, but downstream from Chamberlain’s Ranch.

Four hikers with hiking poles leaving the Subway
How about the less-known Subway Cave? More in my additional article.

High Flash Flood Potential

  • Always put safety first. Don't risk your life and others. 
  • Always check the recommendations and weather forecast at the visitor centre first: Even if there isn't any precipitation for Zion predicated, rain miles away can be treacherous and flood slot canyons or the Narrows.
  • If the water clarity changes and becomes murky when the river flow increases or you feel a cool, damp breeze getting out of the canyon, these are the first signs that the river may quickly turn into powerful rushing water with increasing levels. If higher grounds are within reach, leave the riverbed immediately.


Late afternoon sunlight in the Narrows
Even late in the afternoon, visitors accessed the Narrows when we almost left them.

Are you looking for an alternative that is also suitable for children and is much safer?

A hiker at the top of the first waterfall
The first waterfalls along the Kanarra Creek Trail.

The nearby Kanarra Falls Slot Canyon is regulated by a permit system. You are able to park at the trailhead and picnic area. This trail leads through Kanarra Creek, which has a lower water level, and the current is less strong. This canyon creek trail is an excellent weekend trip for the entire family.

Must Have Map

As alternative to a mapping app or for planning we recommend the National Geographic's Trails Illustrated map of Zion National Park. The map delivers unmatched detail and valuable information to assist you in your exploration of this remote and colorful wilderness.

My Hotel Tips for Zion

The Zion Lodge with towering mountains around
The perfectly located Zion Lodge

The best location of all hotels is the Zion Lodge in the heart of the National Park. However, we planned to explore the Narrows and Zion National Park from Kolob Terrace Road, which is less busy.

My Place Hotel in Hurricane
We loved the comfy beds and the quiet location in Hurricane.

We chose the hotel My Place in Hurricane perfectly located for us. The rooms were newly renovated some with kitchenette where we prepared our lunch for the Narrows and Subway hike.

Cooking in the kitchenette in the hotel.
Our kitchenette and the huge fridge in My Place.

I recommend Moon's Travel Guide to explore more highlights in Zion and Bryce. You'll get access to the Best Hikes in Utah's Parks, including individual trail maps, mileage and elevation gains. It is great for planning with tips for when to go, what to pack, safety information, and how to avoid crowds.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Zion, Springdale, Urah
United States
United States

The Narrows are a thrilling bucket list hike and are famous for 1000 feet/ 300 meters high walls, sometimes only 20 feet/ 6 meters wide. I try to give you all the needed details for the best preparation because proper preparation is key to getting the most out of this magnificent trail. All updates are from the last summer, from our second hike into the Narrows. 

The Narrows Hiking Details

Hikers with short trousers and hiking pools in the Narrows

There isn't any permit required if hiking upstream with a slight ascent from the Temple of Sinawava to Big Spring. However, you can turn around whenever you start feeling uncomfortable. If you wish to hike the more challenging track downstream from Chamberlain’s Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava, a permit is required, and the transport has to be arranged in advance.

The walls of the Narrows are the highest after the 200° Waterfall
From here onwards the Narrows are spectacular.
  • Trail Length Return Hike: 9 miles/ 14 km - Allow some extra time for side canyons exploration like Orderville Canyon.
  • Duration: 7 hours rather more because of photo stops and breaks. It also depends on the clarity of the Virgin River. If the river is clear, you easily can see all rocks on the riverbed, and if it is murky, it may take much longer.
  • Hiking Trail by Locus Map from Temple of Sinawava to Big Spring
  • Entire Trail length until Chamberlain’s Ranch: 16 miles

1 Starting Point: Temple of Sinawava - Length 1 mile

Flooding risk information board and paved path to the Narrows
Flash flood risk is shown at the beginning of Riverside Walk

From here starts the access on the Riverside Walk. The Riverside Walk is paved and wheelchair accessible, and it is the Gateway to the Narrows. Duration 20-30 minutes - almost one mile/ 1.5 km long. The entrance "The Temple of Sinawaja" are 4.411 ft above sea level, and the hike is continuously ascending.

2 Entering Virgin River to Mystery Canyon and Falls - Length 480 m

The first waterfall in the Narrows
Already at the beginning is this beautiful waterfall to the right.

Now you access the Virgin River, and the adventure starts. You walk most of the time through the water to the first marker, the Mystery Canyon and Falls, which may take half an hour. 

3 200°Waterfall - Length 675 m

After more than a mile in the Narrows

Now you access the area which is often called "The Wall Street" and the towering walls are getting higher and narrower. In the summer some sunshine gets into the canyon.

4 House Rock - Length 315 m 

The Narrows get smaller and darker

After roughly two miles, you reach "House Rock", so-called because it's a prominent rock where you have to wade around to continue. Now the towering walls get darker and more impressive. Due to low sunshine in this narrow part of the canyon, there is almost no vegetation.

5 Orderville Canyon - Lenght 1.2 km

Orderville Canyon in the Narrows and hikers
You have to climb up here to access the canyon.

At Orderville, you enter the narrowest section of this slot canyon and the most challenging part. It takes at least 2 hours rather 2 1/2 from here to Big Spring. If you plan to hike until Big Spring, you will see almost all the breathtaking highlights and the best parts of this narrow gorge. If you are an experienced hiker and still have plenty of time available, I recommend a short additional exploration into Orderville Canyon. This canyon is even darker and taller, and less water is running inside. However, some obstacles have to be overcome. After roughly half a mile, a National Park sign is placed prohibiting continuing, so please turn around.

One hiker only deeper in the Narrows

After the Orderville Canyon and confluence, the crowds thin out because of the fast-flowing river and its rapids. I highly recommend two hiking poles, but if you don’t have any, rent at least a wooden one at the Outfitters store. 

6 Floating Rock - Length 450 m

Floating Rock in the late afternoon light
Floating Rock on our way back.

Floating Rock is another rock in the middle of the Virgin River, usually a deeper section where you have to walk or usually wade around.

Rock climbing and a deep pool
People help each other to master this key spot.

This is one of the toughest parts. You either have to climb and be chest-deep in water to the right or breast-deep to the left. After this part, it takes one more hour to Big Springs. If you can make it here, you got the best views of the Narrows IMO. From here, the canyon grows wider.

7 Big Spring - 2.7 km

Direction Big Springs the Canyon gets wider
From here, you need another half an hour.

Big Spring is the final destination of this day hike, and it is not permitted to continue if you do not have a wilderness permit. As the name indicates, springs and waterfalls emerge out of the walls in this breathtaking place. Not many hikers wade through the water to the very end of this unique day hike. 

5 Tips for the Narrows

A mum and her daughters in the Narrows

  1. Visit the last restrooms before starting the Narrows Hike at the shuttle bus station.
  2. Never drink any water from the Virgin River and other streams inside the park, nor submerge your head. Also, don’t let your pet drink it. Since July 2020, after a pet fatality in the river, cyanobacteria have occurred and can harm people, especially children.
  3. Please, take out what you took in! Don’t leave any trash! Let the wilderness area stay wild.
  4. Most important, during this trail stay hydrated. Although it was more than 86°F/ 30°C warm, the water cools you down, and you need to pee often. Honestly, we didn’t drink enough in seven hours. Usually, you can do the adventure in six hours, but I took tons of pictures to describe the Narrows in detail and to provide honest advice.
  5. Definitely, come well equipped, which means proper shoes to wade along the uneven and rocky riverbed and hiking poles. It is challenging to be one hundred percent concentrated when balancing in the fast-flowing Virgin River. We saw several people falling down with their backpacks when rapids occurred because of the elevation loss. 

Zion Shuttle Service Operating Hours

Shuttle bus at Temple of Sinawava
The shuttle was super busy in the evening back to the Info Centre.

The shuttle service operates along the Scenic Zion Canyon Drive during the busy seasons from April to the end of November. In winter, you are able to drive in your car along this beautiful scenic Canyon Road except for the last weekend in December and at weekends in February and March.

The huge parking lot at the visitor centre
The parking at the visitor centre fills up quickly in the morning.
  • The first shuttle at the Visitor Centre is at 7 am in summer at 6 am, but people line up already one hour before. 
  • The shuttle departs every 5-10 minutes, but no reservation is needed – first come, first serve. 
  • Last shuttle from the Temple of Sinawava at 7.15 pm and in summer at 8.15 pm


Information boards under a shelter at the information centre
The Zion National Park outdoor exhibition is open 24 hours to the public.

Enjoy this unique hike and create wonderful memories no nightmares!

I took most of the pictures, and I got some provided by my friend and photographer Chris. Please get in touch with me if you wish to use any of my photos, but I will take action against picture theft.

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