Zion National Park in the Winter and How to Win an Angels Landing Permit plus Packing Tips
Zion National Park in the Winter and How to Win an Angels Landing Permit

Zion National Park in the Winter and How to Win an Angels Landing Permit

United States
United States

When Is the Best Time

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the US but with more than five million visitors annually also one of the busiest. Visiting Zion Canyon, the main part between spring to fall, means taking a shuttle bus, and sharing the trails with many other hikers, and you won’t get the solitude you are seeking for.

A hiker on the top of Angels Landing enjoying the view to the canyon.
Markus and I enjoyed this terrific scenery in solitude in winter.

We visited Zion for the first time in the 90’ when you were still able to access Zion in your own vehicle. When we returned in 2022, we hiked the Subway, where only 80 permits are handed out daily, but we also wanted to explore the Narrows. It was a fantastic experience, and both hikes are best during warmer months.

A deer is crossing the scenic drive in Zion in the morning.
Travelling through Zion by car saves a lot of time.

Nevertheless, we still had Angels Landing on our bucket list hikes and wanted to get the real Zion experience again. We planned our next trip for January, and we got rewarded with terrific days in Zion. 

Panoramic view of Zion at higher elevation in winter.
The burning Aztec sandstone mountains in Zion at sunset.

I'll give you all the details for a Winter Visit to Zion and how to master Angels Landing in winter. All about the introduced Angels Landing Permit and packing lists for all seasons can be found below. Below is a Table of Contents for all topics in this ultimate summer and winter guide for Angels Landing, a half-day hike in the unique Zion.

Is it Worth Going to Zion in Winter?

I in the snow at the metal chains in front of the last part of Angels Landing
Angels Landing in all its glory in winter.

Yes, it is the best way to experience this unique park's real beauty and pristine nature. Except for the Narrows and Subway, you can easily hike most trails with few people. You can drive along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and stop at many spots.

View to the canyon from the Zion scenic drive
Angels Landing from a small car park along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

We loved this so much, and we were able to get an Angels Landing permit one day before easily. We shared the hiking path with a few hikers and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. All hikers we met were in awe of how quiet Zion is in winter, and all got parking at The Grotto, the trailhead of Angels Landing.

Regarding the crowds, winter is the opposite of summer, the worst time of the year, from June to August.

View to Zion Canyon and the Scenic Drive from higher elevations.
The first ascent on the West Rim Trail to Angels Landing.

Another pro for the winter is the crisp and clear days with a blue sky, unlike the typical haze in summer. Winter is great for excellent shots of the magnificent Zion Canyon. 

Weather in Zion in Winter

The breathtaking view from Angels Landing down to Zion Canyon
Sunny days occur in the winter, and snow too.

From December to February, Zion receives the highest amount of precipitation, between 1,6-2 inches, and roughly one inch is snow. Nevertheless, on average, it rains or snows only every fourth or fifth day. Night temperatures are below freezing, slightly above 20°F. Days warm up frequently, topping 40°F, and on sunny days, hiking is pleasant but the Virgin River is cold as hell in the winter.

Is There Snow in Zion in January and February?

A hiker at higher elevation with snow capped mountains in Zion.
We experienced snow in January, but it was doable to hike.

Snow can already occur from the end of November until March at higher elevations. You likely get snow in January and February as we did. Down in the canyon, the snow melts away already after a few hours. However, if you wear the right gear and several layers, you are able to experience the best time in Zion. There is no such thing as poor weather, only the wrong clothes.

Is it Safe to Hike in Zion in the Winter?

A hiker enjoying the stunning landscape in Zion in winter.
We never go without crampons in the winter.

Generally, it is mostly safe to hike in Zion in the winter; nevertheless, I always check out the Visitor Centre first for trail conditions. The most important thing is your gear for hiking in the winter. You can find our packing list below.

A narrow hiking path in higher elevations in Zion National Park.
We enjoyed the clear blue sky and the empty trails in Zion.

Spikes are a lifesaver, and you can easily walk above snow and ice. IMO, hiking Angels Landing with crampons along the narrow and exposed last 0,5 miles was even better. Another pro for the winter is that it is the best time for avoiding crowds. There is hardly anyone in front of you or behind, full of fear on the Angels Landing track. 

Can You Drive Through Zion in January and February?

A few cars in a carping lot at a picnic area and restroom.
Despite the great weather, not many cars drove through Zion.

Yes, you can drive through Zion in your vehicle when the shuttle service is not offered from December to February. There are exceptions around weekends, Christmas and New Year’s Eve when the shuttle is operating. If you wish to experience Zion like in former times, you are on the safe side from Monday to Friday before Christmas and again in January and February. Nevertheless, roads can be closed by National Park Service (NPS) on short notice due to snow and ice.

Can You Do the Narrows in the Winter?

One hiker in the Narrows with icicles on either side.
It is cold as hell in the Narrows, with almost no sunshine reaching the Virgin River in the winter.

The Narrows are not closed, so theoretically, you can hike through them, but the Virgin River is cold as hell. If you plan to explore the Narrows in the winter, the quietest time, please visit the park’s Visitor Centre the day before. Rent the right equipment and be extra prepared.

A family in the Narrows with the right winter equipment
We met a few Narrows visitors, and all reported they could withstand the cold for 30-60 minutes only.

Do not risk hypothermia and injuries. Keep in mind days are much shorter, around 10 hours only. In late November 2022, a woman died of hypothermia; her partner got rescued. Honestly, you may be unable to wade through the river for over an hour. Don’t underestimate the cold water and air temperature. 

The dark and icy Narrows in the winter.
It looks beautiful, but I wouldn't access the Narrows in winter.

If you wish to explore the entire beauty of the Narrows, I highly recommend doing it from June to September, the warmest months of the year. Yes, these are the busiest months, and we hiked the Narrows in late June, and it was outstanding, and it was the perfect activity for scorching temperatures. Detailed Narrows Guide

The Best Time to Hike Angels Landing

The first ascent in sunshine.
Empty hiking paths in the winter despite the sunny weather.

The best times regarding the weather and temperatures are spring and fall. Nevertheless, we loved the hike in winter. It wasn’t too cold but sunny, and it was not crowded. Check the weather forecast before and with a little luck you may experience one of the best hikes ever in solitude.

Plenty of visitors at Scout Lookout and the permit part.
This is summer at Scout Lookout, something we wanted to avoid.

In summer, you are forced to hike early because there is almost no shade along the entire trail. This means you must take the first shuttle in the morning at 6 am. In summer, heavy thunderstorms occur, and the rocks are slippery when wet. You must start late if you do not get an early slot. More about the newly introduced time slots below.

The Best Time for Zion Regarding Crowds

View from a small car park in Zion up to the orange sandstone mountains.
To experience the real natural beauty of Zion, go in winter - Big Bend Viewpoint.

The best time to experience real solitude and avoid the crowds is in the winter. With five million visitors annually, spring and autumn are busy, and summer is the worst time. The winter isn’t busy; therefore, no shuttle service is provided so that you can access Zion in your vehicle. 

Only one car in front of the tunnel of Zion -Mount Carmel HW
Just us shortly before we left Zion at the East Entrance/Exit.

In the winter, you are not forced to start hiking early morning at sunrise. It is cold at sunrise temps are below 20°F/-7°C, and you must carry more clothes. We started the Angels Landing Trail shortly after 9.30 am.

All about Angels Landing and the Lottery below.

I highly recommend the National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks by Jonathan Waterman. This comprehensive guide to America's sixty-one national parks features authoritative park maps, hundreds of graphics, and photographs that tell the stories of these beloved parks. The book also includes striking imagery and state-of-the-art graphics reflecting details of wildlife, climate, culture, archaeology, recreation, and more.

Packing List for Angels Landing in the Winter

Female hiker with winter gear holding to a chain at Angels Landing.
I with my gear on the Angels Landing Trail.
  • Spikes/Crampons for the icy parts for good traction and safety.
  • Wear different layers, a down jacket, a down vest, and Merino layer; even when you sweat, you stay warm in Merino wool.
  • Gloves are essential for the cold temp, especially the chain section, as well as a beany and scarf. However, as you can see in our video, it warms up on a sunny day.
  • Nowadays, I am using hiking poles, but here you depend on metal chains. You can use poles for the first two miles, but for the last 0,5 miles, you need both hands to stay safe.
  • We carried a hot tea in our insulated bottle, which was well needed on the top of Angels Landing. Despite the sun, there was a cold wind.

Packing List for Angels Landing from Spring to Fall

My essentials in my backpack for hiking the Grand Canyon
My essential gear and 1.25 gallon/ 5 l water plus electrolytes and snacks for each of us.
  • Plenty of water; you can't refill your bottle on this trail.
  • I always put electrolytes into the water during higher temps to get an energy kick.
  • A snack, nuts or fruits are another sufficient energy kick.
  • Shoes with good traction - don't go in sneakers! I only wear the flexible INOV for many years already.
  • I highly recommend half-finger gloves that you can use for mountain biking for the chain section to protect your hands. I use these ones in the mountains for via ferrata climbing.
  • Sun protection: sunscreen (my favourite for the face), hat, and sunglasses; even in winter, there was almost no shade.

If you buy your items at Amazon via my website, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Nevertheless, I only recommend the gear I use and the companies I prefer, but I don't get paid for it. INOV has been my favourite shoe brand for years, most of my clothes are from Odlo, and I love Merino Wool layers and socks for hiking.

My Hotel Recommendation Close to Zion

The double room in My Place Hotel close to Zion
Our favourite hotel My Place in Hurricane close to Zion and reasonably priced in all seasons.

My Place Hotel in Hurricane is our favourite hotel for Zion and Kanarra Falls. I highly recommend this hotel; nice staff, a washing and dryer, a kitchenette and a huge fridge. You are able to open the window, it is quiet, has plenty of parking and nearby is a well-equipped supermarket. 

If you're planning a hiking trip to Zion National Park, don't panic. Beside my article the Hiking Guide to Zion National Park offers trails for all levels of hikers, where to stay to beat the crowds, and much more. You can experience the beauty of Zion National Park even if you've never hiked before, and there is a breathtaking trail for every level.

Best Months to Visit


Location and Tips

Springdale, Zion Canyon
United States
United States

Enjoy Zion National Park in all its glory and visit in the winter. In summer, you may leave Zion disappointed when lining up for hours waiting for the shuttle bus, sticking around hundreds of other hikers. I will give you all the information for Zion, Angels Landing, what to pack for summer and winter, how to win a permit, and how to avoid crowds, and I will answer all questions. After multiple visits in summer and winter and several hikes like the Narrows, the Subway, Observation Point, Angels Landing and more, I would like to share with you all the necessary details.

For a better overview of all topics regarding Angels Landing and most of the upcoming questions, I added a Table of Contents for you.

Angels Landing the permit part
Angels Landing is 5,787 ft/ 1.764 m high

Angels Landing is one of the most breathtaking half-day hikes in Zion National Park. Due to its popularity, a permit system was introduced in April 2022. This system makes hiking the narrow, steep, and exposed section where chains are added so much safer. This magnificent hike became too crowded, and fatalities happened.

Angels Landing Permit Lottery

Information panel about the trail and the required permit.
The "greeting" sign at the trailhead - photo high resolution

Like other hikes in Zion or the Wave, Half Dome in Yosemite has two different kinds of lotteries. You may ask yourself how to apply for the Angels Landing Permit, and this is tricky but explained here in detail.

Seasonal Lottery

Hiking distance sign and reminder for the mandatory permit.
Many signs point out the permit obligation - photo high resolution.

For the seasonal lottery, you can properly plan when you would like to do this climb to the summit of Angels Landing. You must apply several months before your wished months for this hike. You can always apply from the first of a month until the 20th, and five days later, on the 25th, the permits are issued by e-mail. You are able to pick 7 different dates. 

Tip: If you are flexible, always try to go mid-week when fewer hikers apply. 

Apply Date Hiking Months Notification
January 1-20 Spring from March 1 until May 31 January 25
April 1-20   Summer June 1 until August 31 April 25-July 20
July 1-20   Fall 1st September until 30th Nov. July 25-20 Oct.
October 1-20   Winter December 1 until February 29 October 25th 

Daily or Last-Minute Lottery

Our Angels Landing Permit mid-week in January
I can tell you we were so excited when we received this confirmation.

It is a short window of three hours from 12 pm until 3 pm Mountain Time to apply just one day before. Already one hour later, you get the information if your application was successful. Honestly, I am glad we did it this way. We were able to pick out a day with excellent weather.

Permit Fee

  • Zion fee $3 per hiker and a $6 non-refundable application fee for up to 6 people – so for two, it is $12 and for four, $18.

Angels Landing Starting Times

Another information panel along the Angels Landing Trail
Due to the high demand, there are plenty of information and signs along the path.

In order to better allocate all daily hikers, three different starting times were introduced to avoid crowds at the chain sections after Scout Lookout; here, the West Rim Trail branches from Angels Landing. The starting times are based on starting at the Grotto parking and trailhead. Remember that getting here by shuttle can take one or even two hours, depending on the time and season. All times given are mountain time, so check the time difference between your location and Zion beforehand. 

  • Before 9 am
  • Between 9 am and 12 pm
  • After 12 pm

Important to Know

Some websites state that you can get leftover permits for the same day at the Visitor Centre. Unfortunately, that is not correct any longer since 2023!

Best Time to Win a Permit for Angels Landing

The trailhead of Angels Landing in Zion Canyon
No one except us at Angels Landing and West Rim Trailhead

I usually do not win permits; therefore, I am always looking for the least demand, and this is winter. Of course, you do not know how the weather will be, but we had a two weeks vacation window and watched the weather forecast for Zion. We let the weather decide where to go to during our entire trip. The winter is the off-season, and we booked the next hotel one or two days before. Zion Weather Forecast to apply last minute.

4 Reasons Why We Applied for a Permit in the Winter

Just one hiker and the photographer on the top
Most of the time, there was no one around, and we enjoyed the tranquillity.
  1. The advantage is during mid-week in the winter; usually, there are more permits available than people who apply. Overall, we met roughly 10 hikers along the chain section and on the peak of Angels Landing, although we had an excellent blue sky. 
  2. You can start at any time of the day, so there is no stress before you start this unique hike. Nevertheless, consider the limited parking at the Grotto. 
  3. The other pro for the winter in December, January and February is you are able to access Zion National Park and the parking for Angels Landing by car. This was our biggest pro to experiencing Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, like in former times in your own vehicle. We loved it so much that we were able to stop wherever we wanted.
  4. Another pro is; accommodation prices are low in the off-season. We paid half for our room in Hurricane than the year before in June. None of the hotels we went to were fully booked.

However, for the winter, I recommend applying last minute – the day before - that you are aware of the weather conditions. In poor weather, the NPS may close the trail.

Which Days Are the Best to Win a Permit?

A hiker in the snow with crampons on the summit.
Hot tea from the thermos bottle is perfect for a break on Angels Landing.

You increase your chance for a permit when you apply for mid-week; Monday and Friday are busier; Wednesday is the best day so far. Winning a permit is hard, and you may get disappointed. Therefore, think about the winter. If it is not pouring or snowing, it is an excellent time you just need the proper gear.

Can I Hike Angels Landing Without a Permit?

The top of Angels Landing covered in snow.
The ridge of Angels Landing is covered in snow, but you get a good grip with crampons.

You MUST have a permit for the last 0.5 miles from Scout Lookout throughout the day and night! If you get caught by a ranger, it costs a fortune of up to $ 5,000, or you even end up in jail. So please, if you couldn’t get a permit, turn around at Scout Lookout!! Rangers control your permit and ID.

The deep Zion Canyon view from the beginning of the ridge.
The spectacular views along the secured section.

You are permitted to hike until Scout Lookout, which is already worth doing. Some hikers returned here when they figured out how narrow and exposed Angels Landing is. Don’t think about continuing without a permit; rangers continuously petrol this section.

Can I Change My Permit or Even Cancel It?

You can’t change anything in your permit neither the date nor the number in your group nor is the permit transferrable you can just cancel if one of your group members can’t join you. Please, do so that others get a chance for this awesome hike.

Can You Do Angels Landing and the Narrows in One Day?

The famous rock and view of Angels Landing in Zion
Angel's Landing in summer.

My honest answer after I hiked plenty of trails in Zion is NO; you can’t for the following three reasons:

  1. Angels Landing is a little exhausting, and you must drink plenty of water. If you plan to hike the Narrows afterwards, you need a proper meal. Even in the summer, the Virgin River is cold as hell. You dehydrate in the cold water. 
  2. You are able to walk a part, but not until Big Spring and return. The Narrows are a strenuous day hike in summer. We hiked the Narrows in June, which took us plus shuttle and drive to the car park the entire day. Daylight Hours: more than 14 hours in summer.
  3. On top, you need additional gear for the Narrows, like water shoes, neoprene socks, waterproof bag. You do not want to carry all of it to the summit of Angels Landing. More in my Narrows Guide

Instead, don’t rush to soak in the beauty of the landscape and maybe hike another short trail like Emerald Pools from Zion Lodge shuttle stop number 5.

Is Angels Landing Safe to Hike?

A female hiker along the chain section to the summit.
Good preparation is key for Angels Landing.

Accidents and fatalities happened here but do elsewhere. Most important is good preparation, the right gear, and how you are feeling on this specific day! Did you sleep well? Are you confident or rather anxious? If you have a fear of heights, you may reconsider doing it because Angels Landing has sheer drops on either side.

Another couple with a permit for Angels Landing.
The National Park rangers continuously check the trail conditions. We met two on this trail.

For the winter, spikes are essential to walk easily above the icy parts, as you can see in my video. In summer, you must drink plenty of water. I always add electrolytes during strenuous hikes where I break a sweat. This helps to concentrate better on such tracks.

A hiker reaching the top almost at the end of Angels Landing.
The last chain section shortly before you reach Angels Landing.

The National Park did a great job here along the trail. I always felt safe with all the metal chains you can hold and walk along at most exposed sections. The newly introduced permit system makes it much safer, and hikers are spread throughout the day. I think it was a nightmare before with so many hikers, especially at the narrowest section of the rock spine.

The high orange Aztec sandstone mountains in Zion.
Already the drive along the Scenic Zion Canyon is memorable.

Most important is your life and your safety! We live nearby the Alps, and we witnessed many rescues. If you are not feeling well or your hiking partner is, if the weather changes, it is always an option to turn around. Do not risk your life and others!

Is It Worth Hiking Angels Landing or Just Until Scout Lookout?

A female hike under a pine tree on top of Angels Landing.
I am on the top of Angels Landing Ridge.

Already until Scout Lookout, it is a breathtaking scenery; nevertheless, there are many other great trails in Zion which are less frequented, like the Subway. I would only go if I had a permit. You do not want to stay at the trail sign, which indicates just another 0,5 miles, but you are forced to turn around. No way. Angels Landing is one of the best half-day hikes in the world, but I personally would skip Scout Lookout if I did not have a permit. This is my opinion because it would be too hard for me not to continue. 

A female hiker at the beginning of the chain section.
I highly recommend this unique track for experienced and well-equipped hikers.

If you are not an experienced hiker and you have a fear of heights, it is a great track until here, very safe, well-maintained and offers fantastic views. If you are looking for an adventure, only go with a permit.

Watching the Sunrise from Angels Landing

The orange burning sandstone mountains shortly before sunset.
Instead, watch the impressive sunset from Zion Canyon.

Some recommend watching the sunrise on the top of Angels Landing. This I only recommend for people with knowledge about the trail. If you haven’t done it before, don’t think about hiking the last half a mile with a headlamp. This can cause your death or severe injuries!

Angels Landing Trail Facts

The trail sign for West Rim Trail and Angels Landing.

  • Distance: 5,4 miles/ 8,7 km roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 1488 ft/ 454 m
  • Duration: 3-4 hours return
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Strenuous depending on your experience
  • Permit Number: 800 permits are handed out daily, which is a high number and does not avoid a crowded trail.
  • Hiking Map by Locus Map App for a better overview.

Parking Angels Landing in Winter

There is limited parking at the Grotto Google Maps Location in the winter. If it is full, you can park your car at Zion Lodge and walk from here.

Shuttle Bus Angels Landing

Visitors line-up at the bus station at the visitor centre
Mid-week, fewer people line up for the shuttle bus.

Except for the winter season from December to February, you are forced to take the shuttle from Springdale or the Visitor Centre to the Grotto stop number 6. If you obtain a permit, I highly recommend staying at Zion Lodge, which gives you more flexibility and a hassle-free start. Otherwise, calculate plenty of time into your schedule for your journey to the Visitor Centre and from here to The Grotto, which can easily take 2 hours—more about the shuttle bus in my Narrows Guide.

Angels Landing Trail Description

The first high wall where hikers ascent to Angels Landing.
The trail leads to the top of this wall to the canyon and "quiet zone".

This exceptional adventure starts at The Grotto walk and shuttle stop number 6, one after Zion Lodge. You cross the road and the bridge above the Virgin River, then turn right and follow the signs of the West Rim Trail and Angels Landing. The first part is a wide and paved path, and soon after, the trails wind up offering a beautiful view into Zion Canyon. 

The canyon which is home to the endangered Mexican Owl.
This is the Quiet Zone in the Refrigerator Canyon to protect endangered owls.

Now it narrows with huge walls on either side through the canyon. This is the quiet zone to avoid disturbance to the occurring endangered Mexican Spotted Owls. This canyon is called "refrigerator" because there is the only available shade, and it is cool in here.

A hiker zigzagging on the West Rim Trail.
This is the zigzagging Walters Wiggles.

Soon after you reach the famous Walters Wiggles zigzagging part of the trail, this paved part is in the shade, a little steep and icy in the winter. 

Two female hikers at Scout Lookout with few clothes only due to the sun.
Restrooms and rest area at Scout Lookout.

After a short narrow section, you already reach Scout Lookout. Here you can take a break, and restrooms are provided. The West Rim Trail continues left, but you follow the signs that you can’t miss to Angels Landing. 

The beginning of the challenging and exposed part
If you have a fear of heights, you better turn around.

Now comes the trickiest part; if you do not feel comfortable, it is better to turn around. I, too, had great respect for this steep, exposed and narrow ridge walk only 4-5 ft wide. Retrospectively, I found it easier than it looked. Thanks to the snow, it looked less scary than without.

The view from Angels Landing to the opposite mountain.
Opposite is Observation Point.

On top of Angels Landing, you get rewarded with phenomenal views of Zion Canyon and the surrounding orange-shimmering mountains. Down there is the scenic drive looking like a miniature.

We took a break and soaked in these magnificent views while enjoying a hot tea. The way back was much easier since we’d known the path and tricky parts. Most important, be 100 % concentrated during this last half mile. 

Immerse yourself in the awe-striking beauty of Zion and create memorable memories.

Zion Tip

Four hikers with hiking poles leaving the Subway
How about the less-known Subway Cave? More in my additional article.

Have you heard about the Subway Hike? Also, a permit is required here; only 80 are handed out, but the chance of getting a last-minute permit is high. We hiked the Subway last year and loved the Wilderness Trail in Zion without crowds.

 Who We Are

My husband and I on the top of Angels Landing in the snow.
Markus and I - are passionate travellers and have been married for 25 years.

I am passionate about sharing some of the most beautiful places in the world with you, but I still can't live from my work, and we have regular jobs, too.

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